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Support my hard work via Patreon ► Some content, including images, may be subject to copyright -- I know of no one who self identifies as a white supremacist.

The 'white supremacist' label is (a) derogatory, (b) intended to stigmatize and stereotype the person to whom it is attached and, (c) should be considered defamation or slander.

When a person labels another person as a 'white supremacist,' the pejorative is intended to signal permission to hate the person defamed by the term. [ See example here. ]

The 'white supremacist' label is, consequently, hate speech.

• Some believe the term 'supremacist' implies superiority.

There is a shade of difference.

A supremacist would believe he or she is superior to all others in every way. Conversely, one can be superior to others, but not supremely superior to all others.

Virtually all persons are superior and inferior to others in some form. One may be more athletic than another or intellectually superior to others.

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• No one person is or can be supreme.

Albert Einstein is widely considered the most intelligent person known to history. If true, he would be intellectually superior to all others.

Louis Cyr is considered to be the strongest person known to history.

Intellectually, Einstein would be superior to Cyr. Physically, as measure by brute strength, Cyr would be superior to Einstein.

Neither would be supreme as each is inferior to the other in some aspect.

• Because no one can be supreme, the concept of supremacy is always a misnomer.

Marxism applies the supremacist pejorative to fortify its philosophy that economic disparity is unjustified among humans. Those who fail to comply with the Marxism dogma are stigmatized as supremacists. It is a tool of intimidation to force us to reject the reality that disparities exist in aptitude that result in economic disparities.

For example, while Marxism must admit that Albert Einstein was intellectually superior, it rejects the reality that some people groups must necessarily be intellectually superior to other people groups.

It has been empirically demonstrated that East Asians have an aggregate intellect that is superior to sub-Saharan Africans. Furthermore it has been demonstrated that Ashkenazim Jews are intellectually superior to East Asians. Were an East Asian to acknowledge that reality, he or she may risk being stigmatized by Marxism as a supremacist. As noted earlier that label would be a misnomer. While East Asians may possess an aggregate intellect superior to sub-Saharan Africans, the Africans demonstrate physiological superiority to East Asians, particularly in their aptitude for athletics.

[Click here to view nations ranked by IQ.]

• The argument for supremacy will always fall short.

I, for example, could argue that I am supremely superior to a person who is, oh, say, dead.

A counter argument could be posited, however, that a dead person is superior in that he doesn't have to worry about bills, doesn't concern himself with an oppressive boss, and doesn't concern himself with his future being ruined by Democrats, even though he may occasionally vote for them.

• The principle applies to all people groups.

While the predatory left obsesses over race (view and count the articles that are race related, for example), the concept of believing one's group is superior to others is pathological among humans.

Imagine the dullness of a basketball tournament in which Purdue fans were not Boilermaker "supremacists." Still, the term remains a misnomer. Even though some would contend that the Boilermakers are superior on the basketball court to Indiana University's Hurryin Hoosiers (I wouldn't), others could produce academic records to make a case for the superiority of the Boilermakers in the classroom.

I doubt anyone would describe sports fans of being a 'hate group' because they exclude fans of competing teams from their after game parties. Then, again, were one to Google the search term Nika riots they may be surprised.

Stan's knitting club may be superior in crafting dog sweaters than Bob's bowling team, but Bob's crew would be superior in knocking down pins than Stan's friends.

Anyone who has attended a Barbershop Quartet convention will appreciate the competition as groups of four strive to prove their superiority.

In New York City a group of black prisoners banded together to form the United Blood Nation to effectively compete with the Hispanic Ă‘etas and Latin Kings gangs.

Each year thousands strive to prove their superiority at American Idol auditions. If you've bothered to view the select auditions you will agree that some people are superior to others.

Even atheists and theists delve into long-winded debates to verify the supremacy of one group's views over those of the other.

Psychologists have attached a term to describe the irrational bias that is innate among humans: confirmation bias.

Again, the belief in the superiority in one's group is pathologically universal among humans.

Every imaginable people group is, in some way, superior to other people groups.

To assume that races are an exception is just plain stupid.

Marxism is just plain stupid.

For Marxism's professed objective of economic parity to work, the world would necessarily be populated by 7-billion identical twins. We would all be the same age, same gender, possess identical DNA, etc. Marxism's rant against economic disparity would, then, be possibly justified.

Economic disparities in a free-market system are the natural result of intellectual and other disparities. Genetics will determine who runs faster, jumps higher, and earns more money. Those genetic predispositions may be enhanced or hindered by environment, but environment cannot alter one's DNA. Yet.

• The devil is in the details of dogmatism.

When one takes a dogmatic position, he must alter his entire world view to be consistent with his dogmatism.

Example: If one believes that Jews, and only Jews, are the source of all evil, that one must explain evil non-Jews (Barack Obama) and good Jews (Pamela Geller). That requires one to retrofit his worldview to fit his dogmatic view regarding Jews. He may, for example, decide Obama is a puppet of Zionism while Geller is controlled opposition.

What about Marxism?

Marxism's dogmatic view that economic disparity is the ultimate evil requires the Marxist to alter his worldview and contend that all humans are equal.

That is why Marxism wants to desegregate restrooms. To be consistent Marxism must contend that there is no signficant difference between males and females.

That is why Marxism rails against the settled science of IQ disparities among people groups: IQ disparities don't fit the Marxism narrative that we are all equal. Those who disagree are stigmatized with the 'white supremacist' pejorative.

• Marxism retrofits reality to conform to its dogma.

Marxism demonstrates its cult-like belief system by displacing reality -- people groups necessarily possess aggregate superiority and inferiority relative to other people groups  -- with nonsensical dogma that all people groups are manifestly equal.

Marxism then bullies us to deny reality and accept its absurd dogma through intimidation. That is, when we acknowledge reality rather than Marxist dogma, we risk being defamed with the supremacist label.

Marxism reminds us that Adolf Hitler's concept of a German super race ran afoul. Marxism then projects itself as the super philosophy.

Shall we create the neologism, "Marxist supremacist"?

If you believe your view that no human can be superior to another is superior to my view that every human and group of humans are, in some way, superior to others, you're self delusional.

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  1. The term "white supremacy" as it is used today is a term used by blacks and their coddlers who are both too stupid to understand that if you live in a majority-white country, things are going to be tailored more to white people. They really believe that, despite being 12-13% of the population, everything should be tailored to blacks. I'm 100% certain that if I were to go to any Asian, Hispanic or Middle Eastern country, I'd see things that reflected the interests of the group who's the majority of the population. Even if I were to go to Africa and saw everything tailored to Africans and their culture, that would be perfectly proper because (*drumroll*) Africans are the majority in Africa! It's funny how blacks are the only group in this country who can't seem to understand this.

    That's what is meant by the term "white supremacy." So, don't get caught up in trying to refute them in a rational way because their claim is irrational from the get-go.

  2. In response to Seantcarter,

    1) Blacks do understand that whites make up the majority of the country. "White majority" and "white supremacy" are not equivalent. "White Supremacy" is believing that whites are superior to every other race. I can tell by your comment and Kenn's article that you two do believe that whites are superior to other races.

    2) No one uses the phrase "White Supremacy" anymore. What is it 1990? As a college student, an applied ethics minor, and a 22 year old female black female , we discuss race issues all the time. No one ever uses the phrase "White Supremacy." That's something you'll see in an old textbook or in an old film.

    3) Why are blacks always targeted when whites discuss white hatred? Asians, Hispanics, Native Americans, and others feel discriminated against in America as well. In fact, most Native American literature is all about disliking white culture and whites taking this country from them. Read any Sherman Alexie novel. We all acknowledge that whites are privileged. My white boyfriend acknowledges that whites are privileged!

    To Kenn,

    I love your voice and how you're not afraid to speak on issues that's bothering you and everyone else. I truly do wish everyone could just get along. If everyone spoke up. I think we'll be one step closer to figuring out the race issue in America. However, I heavily disagree with a lot of your opinions and I'm sure you disagree with mine.

    1. Thank you sista! This site goes on and on about how it "against" racism yet all I see is an obsession with Black people. Especially when Ken or whoever mentioned Emmitt Till and how he "molested" a White woman! He WHISTLED! Now because of that he deserved the savage death WHITES handed hi? Even the White BROAD (she's not a lady) admitted she LIED! I do NOT HATE WHITE PEOPLE! But I HATE racist Whites (and Blacks and Latinos, etc)They can post "stats" until Judgement Day but that will NOT erase: The utter SAVAGERY visited upon people of color! The "colonization" of AFRIKA, NORTH, SOUTH, CENTRAL AMERICA, THE WEST INDIES, NEW ZEALAND, AUSTRALIA,ETC! ALL of these nations and continents had ONE thing in common: The ORIGINAL inhabitants were PEOPLE OF COLOR! Then the European came and STOLE, RAPED, PILLAGED and MURDERED his way thru their countries! But they don't want to hear that! They want to gaslight you..."That was a LONG time ago" and "Look at these stats! Blacks are BORN violent"! MF...PLEASE! Personally when hear about the LIE of so-called "White genocide" is SA, I don't feel a THING! Because the Dutch and British left Europe (an ALL WHITE continent) to go to AFRIKA! No wanna complain when shoes change FEET!


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