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FBI crime statistics:
2015 ► Blacks commit 51.1 percent of homicides

2014 ► Blacks commit 51.3 percent of homicides
2013 ► Blacks commit 52.2 percent of homicides

• FBI crime statistics from 2015      
 • 2015 10 most violence cities in the USA (compiled by
• FBI crime statistics from 2013 - expanded: Table 30
• Dept of Justice (Bureau of Justice Statistics) Prisoners in 2013
• FBI crime statistics from 2011
• FBI crime statistics from 2011 - expanded: Table 43
• Income disparity by race (see page 14)
• Intelligence disparity by race
• 2010 US Census• 2010 US Census Quick Facts
• 2010 US Census: Black Population
• 2010 US Census: White Population
• 2010 US Census: Hispanic Population
• 2060 US Population projections 
• Serial killers: Distribution by race mirrors national demographics by percentage
Crime and gender
• 98 percent of mass shooters are males; 2 percent are females (Time)
• 17 percent of serial killers are females; 83 percent are males (Scientific American)
• 10 percent of all murders are committed by females; 90 percent by males (Scientific American)


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  1. To make matters worse, 52% of all murders are committed by blacks but 64% of all death row inmates are white. Not only are whites more often victims of homicide, white offenders are much more likely to be convicted and given the death sentence than black offenders.


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