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A timeline of archaeological industries
and cultures of white people in Europe
(BP = Before Present)

2.58-million - 11,700 BP Paleolithic
11,700 - 4,700 BP Mesolithic
4,700 - 3,000 BP Neolithic 

Dates for technology shifts are relative to various cultures. For example, the neolithic era began in Greece about 9,000 years ago and in Scandinavia about 5,000 years ago. An estimated 100 paleolithic cultures still exist into the 21st century, e.g., the Sentinelese. 

Years Ago   Approx Date   Era   
43,000 - 36,000 BP41,000 - 34,000 BCEAurignacian
41,030 - 39,260 BP39,030 - 37,260 BCEChâtelperronian
34,000 to 29,000 BP32,000 to 27,000 BCEPerigordian
33,000 - 17,000 BP31,000 - 15,000 BCEGravettian
22,000 - 17,000 BP20,000 - 15,000 BCESolutrean
21,000 - 10,000 BP19,000 - 8,000 BCEEpigravettian (Tardigravettian)
17,000 – 12,000 BP15,000 - 10,000 BCEMagdalenian
12,000 BP10,000 BCEAzilian
13,000 - 12,000 BP11,000 - 10,000 BCEAhrensburg culture
13,000 - 10,000 BP11,000 - 8,000 BCESwiderian culture
10,500 – 8,500 BP8,500 – 6,500 BCESauveterrian culture
10,500 – 8,500 BP8,500– 5,000 BCEKunda culture
9,000 - 6,000 BP7,000 - 4,000 BCEMaglemosian culture
8,000 - 7,200 BP6,000 - 5,200 BCEKongemose culture
7,300 - 5,950 BP5,300 - 3,950 BCEErtebølle culture
5,300 - 4,800 BP3,300 - 2,800 BCEFunnelbeaker culture
5,400 - 4,800 BP3,400 – 2,800 BCEGlobular Amphora culture
4,900 - 4,350 BP2,900 - 3,350 BCECorded Ware culture
7,300 - 3,750 BP5,300 - 1,750 BCENarva culture
4,300 – 3,800 BP2,300 – 1,800 BCEBeaker culture (Bell-Beaker)
4,300 – 3,600 BP2,300 – 1,600 BCEÚnětice culture
3,600 - 2,200 BP1,600 - 200 BCETumulus culture
3,300 – 2,750 BP3,300 – 2,750 BCEUrnfield culture
2,800 - 2,500 BP800 - 500 BCEHallstatt culture
2,500 - 2,000 BP500 - 0 BCELa Tène culture


Years ago    Title/Description   Date Posted
7,200,000 BPHuman ancestors originated in Europe – not Africa?2017-07-17
7,200,000 BPEurope was the birthplace of mankind, not Africa, scientists find2017-05-23
300,000 BPHuman remains in Morocco predate Ethiopian remains by 100,000 years2017-06-22
200,000 BPGiant hand axes discovered in Spain date back 200,000 to 300,000 years2017-06-22
43,000 BPThe Aurignacian Culture2017-07-04
37,000 BPScandinavians are the earliest Europeans2017-05-23
36,200 BPGenomic structure in Europeans dates back at least 36,200 years2017-07-23
33,000 BP"The Red Lady of Paviland" Earliest modern human remains in Britain2018-12-02
29,000 BPDescription of the Pavlovian and the Willendorf-Kostenkian cultures in the Gravettian era2017-07-05
25,000 BPEarliest known realistic representation of human face2017-07-13
15,000 BPEuropean 'superlanguage' dates back 15,000 years2016-04-30
14,500 BPWhy did ancient Europeans just disappear 14,500 Years Ago?2016-03-09
13,000 BP Europe's fourth ancestral 'tribe' uncovered 2017-05-23
13,000 BP'Oldest Dutchman' discovered: Fishermen find prehistoric skull in North Sea2017-05-23
12,500 BP'Robin Hood Cave Horse' Earliest art found in Britain2018-12-02
9,000 BP9,000-Year-Old Cheddar Man Has Descendant Still Living in The Same Area2017-05-23
6,500 BP White people occupied Israel, DNA reveals2017-05-23
6,500 BP Oldest script and earliest wheel suggests European inventors2017-05-23
6,500 BP European DNA structure traced back 6,500 years2017-01-21
6,500 BP Neolithic mitochondrial haplogroup H genomes and the genetic origins of Europeans2017-01-21
6,000 BP Stone Age baby found cradled in mother's arm 2017-05-23
5,100-2,030 BPAncient Egyptians are more closely related to all modern and ancient European populations2017-07-20
4,000 BPHalf of European men descended from one Bronze Age 'king'2016-05-20
3,500-2,539 BPA European Mitochondrial Haplotype Identified in Ancient Phoenician Remains from Carthage, North Africa2017-07-20
3,000 BP'Britain's Pompeii' was 'Bronze Age new build' site2016-10-13
2,500 BPAncient Phoenician had European DNA2016-05-29
2,000 BPBritain: Lasers reveal ‘lost’ Roman roads2017-03-09
1,500 BPArchaeologists discover ancient Anglo-Saxon island in UK countryside2016-03-09
1,000 BPNew evidence of Vikings deep in the USA2016-04-03

2016-03-17 White flight began earlier than we think

2016-03-16 Man lives in 10th-century conditions

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