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loading of the language as a thought reform technique

Here is a partial list of language loading terms and phrases. These are utilized by cultural Marxism to evoke specific perceptions that herd our minds towards its corral.

Affirmative Action

African American


binarism (binary)


brought into the 21st century (euphemism for globalization)


climate change

climate change denier 

climate collapse

critical race theory

cultural appropriation



dog whistle


false consciousness 


first people


gender fluid

gender neutral

global meltdown 

hate group

hate speech 

hegemonic masculinity


implicit bias

indigenous people

internalized patriarchy (usually applies to women who reject cultural Marxism) 

intersectional or intersectionality


Inuit (a misnomer that replaces 'Eskimo') 



liberal (a misnomer; leftism is authoritarian, not liberal)





native American






people of color

poverty shaming 



rape culture



social justice (or injustice) 

starting a conversation [when saying something offensive or controversial]


systemic racism


toxic masculinity


Uncle Tom

undocumented immigrant

vexed class dynamics

white privilege

white supremacist



Terms you may not use

boys will be boys

Chinaman (but 'Englishman' is okay)

colored people (people of color is acceptable)

crisis actor 


ethnostate (unless referring to Israel)


illegal alien

["incorrect" pronoun]



princess (when referring to little girls)


I know only one African American. She is a white woman who was born and raised in South Africa before emigrating to the United States. 

So why do we refer to black Americans as African Americans? It is a language-loaded term introduced by cultural Marxism.

Language loading is a thought reform technique. The objective is to control your thoughts by controlling the words you use and don't use.

Here's another example.

You may say "refugee" or "undocumented immigrant" when referring to an illegal alien. However, you may not say, "illegal alien" when referring to an illegal alien. The objective is to reform your thoughts so you no longer view illegal aliens as illegal aliens but as immigrants.

Language loading terms may be neologisms introduced by cultural Marxism or they may be repurposed terms already in use.

Ask yourself, Why do leftists prefer to be labeled liberals when they are the exact opposite: authoritarians? Why do they prefer the label progressive when every Marxist nation on earth is regressive?

As you read through the list below, ask yourself, (1) "What thoughts do each word evoke?" and (2) "Why do left-wing thought reformists want me to think those thoughts?"

Leftists are also fond of co-opting terms for misapplication.

Here are three examples.

We often refer to leftists as "liberals". In reality they are anything but liberals. A liberal is one who embraces liberty. Leftists, however, embrace authoritarianism. So why do we call them what they are not? It's a matter of language loading. 

A genuine liberal would advocate the liberalization of gun laws and support school choice. Leftists do neither. 

We also refer to leftists as "progressives". In reality they are regressives who embrace the discredited 19-century Marxism cult. Leftists are not progressing forward. They are regressing backward. 

There is nothing owned by communities in communist societies. What they call "communes" are actually effective slave plantations. Everything is owned by the government. The government, in turn, is controlled by a handful of elite oligarchs. Those oligarchs are the slavemasters. 

So why do we call them "communists"?

Nations, such as North Korea and Cuba, are not comprised of communes. There is nothing in North Korea that is owned by the community. Nothing in Cuba is owned by the community. They are massive slave plantations that encompass entire countries. 

So how can we avoid this insidious thought reform trap? 

First, we must be aware that the language-loading device is being implemented. 

Second, we must re-calibrate our minds by literally re-minding ourselves of correct terminology. 

Third, reverse language loading terminology by using correct terms. Say "homosexual" rather than "gay," say "leftist" rather than liberal, and say "Marxist" rather than progressive. 

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