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Below is a list of Facebook pages the far left doesn't want you to read. The list does not constitute an endorsement of these pages. (Some are sane. Some are cringe worthy.) It does, however, constitute an endorsement of free expression.
Updated April 16, 2019.
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1Donald J. Trump23,904,175
2IJR Red8,597,805
3Judicial Watch5,493,241
4The Daily Caller5,400,873
5Conservative Tribune by WJ4,287,515
8Rush Limbaugh2,342,010
9The Comical Conservative2,214,797
11The Heritage Foundation2,059,409
12Daily Wire1,916,671
13Media Research Center1,851,807
14Diamond And Silk1,741,808
15100 Percent FED Up1,685,977
16Gun Owners of America1,539,608
17Tucker Carlson Tonight1,355,069
18Laura Ingraham1,346,934
19Pamela Geller1,342,374
20Turning Point USA1,335,296
21Daily Express1,333,888
22Chicks On The Right1,261,376
23Young Conservatives1,002,665
24Hot Air791,066
25Judge Jeanine Pirro has Fans723,882
26Washington Examiner703,795
27Conservative Update by WJ657,728
28IJR Blue655,819
29The Washington Times638,340
30Conservative Politics Today526,700
31The Silent Majority471,417
32Dana Loesch381,487
33Voice of Europe347,988
34Reclaim America303,773
35Fox Nation252,877
36Mind of Jamal246,444
37Women for Trump183,159
38Brian Kolfage163,104
39Dan Crenshaw144,093
40Flyover Culture127,589
41Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives120,505
42Western News Today116,295
43Our History and Heritage97,197
44Red Ice TV93,106
45This is Europa89,594
47Daily Conservative84,035
48Rep. Steve King77,444
49The Jesse Lee Peterson Show64,675
50Europa Rising60,063
51Pissed Off White Americans58,547
53FrontPage Magazine37,858
54The Elephant in the Room34,409
55The American Nationalist23,552
56White Girl Bleed A Lot22,165
57Faith Goldy18,843
58It's okay to be white18,400
59Caldron Pool15,057
60The College Fix14,150
61The Patriots Guild13,122
64Angel Families9,517
65Colin Flaherty8,496
66Southern History and Heritage7,847
67White People Origins- Not out of Africa7,081
68James Allsup6,583
69It's OK To Be Proud To Be White6,490
71It’s Ok To Be White5,546
72Conservative Nation4,618
74Enoch Powell Institute4,301
75Larry Elder - Columnist3,610
76Nationalist Liberty Union1,582
77Nicholas J. Fuentes1,510
78White genocide1,418
79Canadians Against Genocide1,300


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