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About Kenn ► click here is a patriotic web site with an emphasis on anti-racism. It is an original-content, opinion-based news aggregate with an agenda.

What makes this site different from other anti-racist sites? We oppose all forms of racism, including anti-white racism.

I fight racism the RIGHT way!

Some ask why we emphasize race. The answer: The far-left mainstream media obsesses with race, using it as a pretext to advance their cultural Marxism agenda.

• The objective

The objective is not to offend, nor is it to not offend. The objective is to be objective.

To that end it provides information from a perspective that is free from the grips of cultural Marxism.

Being honest requires one to be occasionally contrary. contradicts political correctness -- not of spite, but from a passion for astute, honest, and ever skeptical evaluation of the flood of foolishness that flows from the mainstream Marxist media.

The site also serves as a form of intervention for those whose minds are infected by the cultural Marxism virus.

• Intervention vs indoctrination

The method of intervention is to provide evidence that is divergent to that flood of indoctrination that affects the thinking process.

This is accomplished by exposing the minds of those who embrace an alternate reality with news stories, videos, and occasional memes that dispel their false positive with coarse reality.

The hero with his victim
Reality: 32.9% of rapes are committed by
blacks who comprise 12.9% of the population.

The shock value is not intended to be mean spirited, but to be mentally arousing.

The mindset of America, Western culture, and the world is influenced by a tsunami of media disinformation that flows into our minds via the cinema, television, educational venues, peer pressure, etc. Minds negatively affected by false positives can be returned to rational thinking.

False accusations of racism and 'ignorance' are embraced as evidence that the thought processes of the accusers have been impacted with reality. They can't 'unhear' what is told them.

• The template 

Cultural Marxism is winning the war for our minds by false perceptions. We perceive a social and economic order that consist of three classes: victims, villains, and hero. Victims correspond to the Marxist theory of a proletariat, villains correspond to the bourgeoisie, and the hero is Marxism.

The template fostered upon Western culture has convinced us that white people are the villains who innately persecute non-whites who require the protection of the hero. Compare this to the cultural revolution in China in which the template cast the educated class in the role of the villain, and peasants as their victims.

Anthony Johnson, America's
first legal slave owner, was a
black tobacco farmer in Virginia.

• Mind tampering

We sometimes wonder why highly intelligent Chinese students could have slaughtered literally thousands of intellectuals during the cultural revolution. The answer is quite simple: By tampering with their minds, Marxism created a false reality. They were simply acting out that reality as if it were true.

A similar cultural revolution, complete with disillusioned minds, is destroying Western culture. Cultural Marxism pits non-whites against whites in the same manner Chinese students were convinced to hate intellectuals.

• Reminding with reality literally reminds those whose world view corresponds to the false positive created by cultural Marxism of reality.

For example: While cultural Marxism convinces us that white people infected American Indians with the small pox virus, readers are reminded that white Americans invented the vaccine for small pox and eradicated the virus.

For example: While cultural Marxism demonizes white Americans as slave owners, this site reminds readers that white people actually ended legal chattel slavery. Those entrapped in the Marxism mindset are reminded that thousands of free black Americans were, themselves, owners of slave laborers. Further more, they are reminded that the first legal slave owner in American history -- Anthony Johnson -- was black.

There are literally thousands of other examples of reminding.

No cult member knows he or she is a cult member. With that thought in mind, this site doesn't strive to convince victims of cultural Marxism that their minds have been tampered with. Rather, they are served helpings of reality allowing them to make up their own minds.

They are not given a fish; they are taught how to fish. They are not told what to think; they are encouraged to think on their own.

While cultural Marxism distorts reality and creates false positives that are accepted via perception, this site counters those perceptions with undistilled reality. There is no effort to change minds, but to create an environment in which readers can make up their own minds after they have been reminded with reality.

Ultimately, reality wins.

Read more about mind control and intervention procedures here ►

• Am I pro-White or pro-Black?

Some have accused me of being 'pro-White' because black-on-white crime is among our signature issues. Others deride me for being pro-Black because of my unfledging support for black conservatives. Still others lament that I'm a Zionist mole, noting the site usually avoids the issue altogether.

The answer: As stated earlier this site's objective is to be objective; to highlight news items ignored by the egg-shell-walking national media. Race factors into the equation only because (a) our national psyche is attuned to particular sensitivities rendering an acute case of mental paralysis and (b) the mainstream Marxist media emphasizes race ad nauseam.

This site capitalizes on those sensitivities by ignoring them. That's what sets apart from the large body of right-leaning web sites: This site doesn't play the race card defensively.

Consequently, those whose minds are sensitized by cultural Marxism will find the site's signature issue to be a stinging slap on a sunburned back. Some react by shouting, "Ouch!" Others by screeching, "Racist!"

My views correspond closely to those
of libertarian Larry Elder.
Click here to listen...
Those silly enough to hate people due to DNA will most assuredly accuse me of catering to the dark side simply because I acknowledge that one of the few honest phrases emitted from the lips of MLK was the afore-mentioned mantra regarding content of character. Our support of right-of-center blacks does not constitute an across-the-board endorsement of everything each one has said and done.

We address Zionist issues only when such constitute newsworthy events. That, of course, is both relative and subjective. There are some who interpret every event as a cog in the engine of an international Jewish plot. I respectively digress from the fog of exaggerated conspiracy theories, preferring to retain a clear view of human events; a perspective that is reflected in this site's content.

Of course I'm pro-White. And you should also be as well. I'm also pro-Asian, pro-black, and pro-people-named-Bob-with-big-noses. That is, I recognize that we owe a debt of dignity to every human by virtue of their humanity. It is not to pretend that humans don't possess fallible natures. Being pro-black and pro-Asian should not preclude the fact that black populations commit violent crimes at disproportionately high rates while East Asian populations tend to be less violent relative to other people groups.

When the term 'pro-White' conjures thoughts of racism, it is evident that one's mind has been programmed to run on the cultural-Marxism operating system. Think of as analogous to a smooth-running philosophical Linux alternative.

As noted earlier the Western-culture infrastructure enhances the lives of all humanity. If that perspective offends one's sensitivities, feel free to take a moment to shout 'Ouch!' or screech 'Racist!' as often as necessary to clear your mind of viral infections.

Once the fog has depleted, look around you.

Virtually everything you see is either the product of nature or white innovation.

Why is it wrong to admit that?

Edison's light bulb, the Wright brothers' airplane, and the crude automobile that rolled out of the workshop of Karl Benz are all products of white innovation. Own an Obamaphone? Thank a white guy for inventing cell phone technology. Communication systems from telegraphs to satellites are the innovative gifts from Western culture to all humanity.

Is it racist to acknowledge this reality?

Western culture's advancement in healthcare research has literally saved billions of lives. White Canadians learned to effectively inject insulin saving the lives of millions of diabetics, regardless of race. Our culture eradicated small pox, polio, and now is at the forefront in contending with the Ebola virus. Pharmaceuticals are largely white innovations as are the myriad of healthcare contraptions that include neuroimagery and prosthetic limbs.

To create a list of healthcare advancements would require volumes; even if one began with the legacy of Louis Pasteur.

That's not to dismiss the contributions made by non-whites. Rather, its to focus the emphasis from being hateful to being grateful.

That's why exists.

This site is pro-human. We only appear to be exclusively pro-White by those whose minds perceive the world through the distortions of the cultural Marxism prism.


  1. Has any Caucasian grown weary of accusations of being racist? Why is it that when public officials, police departments, etc, are labeled as such, do they not ( or are apparently not allowed to) sue for slander? And is it just me, or does it seem that these accusations are now occurring on a nearly day to day basis?

    Another thing I don't understand: why are Liberals and Conservatives so hard line these days, instead of doing what's right? You want immigration reform, change the laws on the books. Don't executive order everything to death! It's as if the Obama administration are acting like spoiled children - that they'll get their way no matter what. (BTW, I'm apolitical; the Bush admin was an embarrassment. The one exception is that they let the CIA do their thing to get to that paragon of the 'religion of peace', Bin Laden).

    Final note: some fifty or so years ago when my grandfather applied for Social Security, he was threatened with deportation because the government couldn't locate his citizenship papers. He'd been in this country since he was five years old and paid into the system. Nowadays that doesn't matter. Maybe living in the past is not a good thing on my part, but holy cow! Rewrite the laws, go through the proper channels for change.

    1. yes it is annoying. hope your grandfather wasnt an illegal immigrant. white power!

  2. Kenn, if I can't comment anonymously anymore to your postings, then I can't comment anymore. I won't join Facebook. I love your site, but seriously ...

  3. I like the fact that you don't engage in the jewish conspiracy angle and that you support human freedom and take a libertarian individualist perspective.

    Although I do agree that Cultural Marxism has divided up the world into White and Non-White and pitted contrived identities against each other (as well as Man and woman, gay and straight, trans and cis), I can't say I agree with the statement that "Virtually everything you see is either the product of nature or white innovation."

    Yes, on the face of it, this may seem true, but many of the greats of Western civilization have also stood on the shoulders of Blacks and others who have not been given due credit for their contributions. A close examination of hidden facts or obscured (but provable) facts points to a far larger contribution by people of west African descent than we have been told.

    Nonetheless, I think cultural Marxism has been as destructive to Blacks as it has been to Whites. What it has done is contrive a "Black mythology" as being opposed to Whites, and Cultural Marxism has also caused a forgetting of Black roots. For example, by teaching that everything Western is "White" (and therefore bad), it has taught Blacks and others to forget the fact that they had a BIG hand in the development of western sciences, western arts, and western music, and to instead to turn to a pre-fabricated Cultural Marxist culture designed for them. I think gangsta rap and hip hop is a part of this prefabricated cultural marxist culture, as well as the notion that Black Identity consists more in how Anti-White one is than by how genuinely connected one is to his or her roots. For example: Who is more Black? Grace Jones, whose skin is dark sepia and who appreciated White artists like David Bowie and Roxy Music? Or Angela Freeman, whose skin is fifty shades lighter than Grace Jones, but who thinks "Django Unchained" isn't a good movie because no Whites were actually harmed in the making of that film? Well, in some circles, you will see that Angela Freeman is more Black, because she is more Anti-White. Because in Cultural Marxist terms, everything is a constructed reality, everything is relative, and there is no objectivity. I have a big big problem with this. This philosophy is contributing to this violence.

    Cultural Marxism, in teaching Blacks to reject everything Western, and to associate concepts like Freedom and Objectivity with dead white men on paper bills, is causing them to forget that Benjamin Banneker, a astronomer of African descent, assisted George Washington in laying out the plan of the Capitol. Cultural Marxism is causing a "dumbing-down," in other words. By separating the world into Non-White versus White, it is, in effect, becoming a continuation of the slave plantation mentality of the one-drop rule. By creating a dumbed down music for Black people and a lingo, it is creating a plantation-speak to help continue the enslavement. In other words, Cultural Marxism is assisting the very racism and stratification that it claims to oppose so much. If you read Thomas Sowell's book White Liberals, Black Rednecks, he illustrates this very clear.

    1. karl marx was jewish duh! who funded and created communism duh! if you don't like conspiracy theories then stop conspiring.

  4. "My point of view is the most objective, the most logical, and the most correct."
    - everyone

    1. (everyone including Kenn)

      The only way to avoid philosophical isolation (indoctrination) is to understand, firstly, that you will be wrong about something at some point. Without acknowledging this and actively recognizing when your are wrong, you have decided to maintain your ignorance. Secondly, the same recognition needs to be applied when someone or something you disagree with is actually correct. Essentially, it is possible to indoctrinate yourself into your own philosophy.

      The above is the only way to avoid ignorance and the only way to find anything close to a fundamental truth.

      Of course, unfortunately, acquiring a fundamental, universal truth requires an infinite amount of information, but this does not mean we should not strive to attain it.

  5. Why your obsession with a relative handful of white women teachers who have sex with male students: first-offenders convicted of a nonviolewnt and victimless and malum prohibitum "crime," the only "crime" in which the "victims" enjory the sex fare more than the women who "rape" and "molest" them and are often if not usually the aggressors and iniitatiors of their phantasmal and theoretical "victimization.' Why are these women the only category of white criminals that are featured on your website?

  6. Aloha! Your work and Truthtelling is Awesome!
    We applaud you for your courage & dedication & pray for your safety!

  7. I like the way you tell it as it is, none of the main stream commentators would dare to. Could I suggest some enlightened reading for your viewers?. The articles are: The River War,1st edition, vol 2, pages 248-250, By Winston Churchill the greatest Englishman of all time ( half American ), and Enoch Powell's 'Rivers of Blood speech', No one can say we weren't warned.

  8. You should read Oswald Spengler (German philosopher of early 20th century) and Arnold Toynbee (British historian of mid 20th century). They partially agree with you and both of them have excellent scientific reasoning. Their main argument (I'm paraphrasing) is that civilizations have a life-cycle and that they eventually decline because the people become complacent (about their invincibility,etc.). - exactly the attitude of liberals.