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Birth date: 
February 10

Direct Marketer

99.5% white European; 0.4% black sub-Saharan African

Favorite food: 

Favorite music: 
Beach Boys, Oak Ridge Boys, Alabama, Home Free

Favorite movie: 
I can't think of a single movie I'd care to see again

Favorite TV show: 
Home Improvement

Favorite actors:
Barbara Stanwyck (for her political views)
Charlie Chaplin; Buster Keaton (for their innovative talent)

Favorite activity: 
Eating dinner with my wife; writing; debating pinhead liberals

Favorite sports team: 

Favorite Democrat:
Dixy Lee Ray (1914-1994), governor of Washington

Favorite Republican:
Donald Trump

What I'm Reading: 
Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism: A Study of Brainwashing in China by Robert J Lifton

Life philosophy: 
Is is

Political views:

Most interesting place you've ever been:

Strangest place you've ever been:
Cancun (bunch of old drunk naked people)

Where would you like to be right now:
On the beach in Tahiti

Where would you not like to be right now:

Why I'm so weird: 
It's called Asperger's Syndrome or high-functioning Autism. 

First person you vote for:
George Wallace (1972 primary)

Favorite philosopher: 
Emmanuel Kant 

Least favorite philosopher: 
Friedrich Nietzsche


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