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January, 2021  

Officer Brandon Stalker, age 24, fatally shot in Toledo, Ohio

Jesse Dale Senterfeit, age 44, fatally shot in South Carolina

Jordan Hightower, age 30, fatally shot in Arlington, Texas

Milan Loncar, age 25, fatally shot; update: arrest made

Jennifer Whittaker, age 40,fatally shot in her Shivley, Kentucky home

Theresa Duke, punched at nation's Capitol

Mary Megan Applegate, age 36, murdered by baby daddy, allegedly

Milan Loncar, age 25, fatally shot

VIDEO ► Tracy Roberts kicked in face by male recently released from jail

Officer Elizabeth Easton beaten at Wisconsin correctional facility

William Gene Williams III, age 25, fatally shot in North Carolina

Kelsey Smith, age 17, fatally shot in Anthony, Fla.

Katherine McNally, age 38, fatally shot in Koreatown, Los Angeles

Jonathan Andrew Larsen, age 34, fatally shot in Alabama

Joshua Miller, age 33, fatally assaulted

Rachel Likes, age 26, fatally shot in Galesburg, Illinois

Mark Allen McWilliams, age 62, fatally shot in Winona, Texas

Mark Outman, age 64, robbed & fatally shot in Denver

Stephanie Lee Robinson, age 30, murdered in Australia

Nine light-skinned women randomly beaten on separate occasions

Charles Jost, age 51 shot in North Carolina

Ashli Babbitt fatally shot by black police officer, reports suggest

December, 2020  

Belinda Huyzers, age 49, fatally shot during home invasion

Warren van der Vyver, age 44, fatally stabbed

Elderly man murdered at South Africa farm

Poenkie Bisset, 63, fatally stabbed at South Africa farm

Bill Thoran, age 85, fatally shot in South Africa farm attack

Penny Phillips, age 49, fatally stabbed in South Carolina

Chase Aaron Porier, age 27, fatally shot

Unnamed woman raped at knife point in UK

Todd Gerleman, age 56, fatally shot in St. Paul, Minn

Officer Connor Boalic, age 27, shot

Courtney Kelley, age 26, fatally shot in Florida

Amber Woods, age 16, fatally shot in Florida

Army Cpl. Hayden Harris, 20, fatally shot in New Jersey

Lisa Cavanaugh, age 51, assaulted with cinder block in New York City

Daniel Nitzsche, age 52, fatally shot in East Chicago

Stephanie Nicole Childers, age 23, fatally shot in W Va

Zachariah Taylor Music, age 20, fatally shot in Hoover, Ala

Caitlyn Kaufman, age 26, fatally shot in Nashville; arrest made

Tiffany Osborne, age 30, found murdered in Bessemer, Ala

Robert John Templet, Jr., age 56, fatally shot in Marrero, Louisiana

Jessica Troulliet, age 35, fatally shot in Marrero, Louisiana

Cain Solheim, age 26, fatally stabbed in Hudson, Wisconsin

Todd and Stacie Bagley, ages 26 & 26, kidnapped and fatally shot; killer executed

Unnamed couple, ages 66 & 56, fatally shot in South Africa

Jeffrey Vanech, age 49, fatally shot in Stamford, CT

Shelby Mathis, age 26, fatally shot with infant

Kevin Sanders, age 23, fatally shot in Poplar Bluff, MO

John Bruso, age 18, fatally shot in Niagara Falls, NY

Gary Young, age 79, fatally beaten in Alabama motel

Norma J. Matko, 68, found dead in Barnesville, Ohio

Joan Joyi, age 80s, fatally strangled during home invasion

November, 2020  

Jessica Kotulsky, age 31, fatally shot in Oklahoma City

Deanie Logan, age 83, fatally shot in Shelbyville, Kentucky

11 random attacks reported in Waltham, Massachusetts

Darian A. Woods, age 23, fatally shot near St. Louis, Mo

Annamarie Wagener, age 41, fatally shot in St. Paul, Minn.

Kristen Robinson, age 38, beaten and abducted

Justin Lett, age 28, fatally shot

Alvin Volker, age 30, fatally shot in Toledo, Ohio

Willa Greyling, 78, attacked and robbed near Bloemfontein, South Africa

Anton Kleyn, 61, fatally shot near Pretoria, South Africa

Steven Finch, 33, fatally shot in Gwinnett County, Georgia

Robert Caverly, age 64, fatally shot in Gwinnett County, Georgia

Michelle P. Capell, age 36, fatally shot in Kansas City, Missouri

Sara Blackwood, 39, fatally shot in Indianapolis

Timothy George Milliken, age 45, fatally shot in Bluffton, South Carolina

Jaime Humet, 47, fatally shot in Miami Gardens, Florida

Skyler Shane Townsend, 18, fatally shot in Florida

4 killed in Dallas-Fort Worth shooting spree

Madison Sparrow, 17, fatally beaten in Delaware

Scott Brooks, 61, fatally shot; arrest made

Andries Loots, age 63, fatally shot in South Africa

Mark Regal, age 50, fatally shot in South Africa

Patrick Craig Pedlar, carjacked, fatally shot in South Africa

Unnamed man beaten and carjacked in broad daylight

Kevin Duane Robbins, age 43, fatally shot in Georgia

Eddie Hills, age 26, fatally stabbed in farm attack

Tammy Ledbetter, age 56, murdered in Alabama

David and Edith Henderson fatally stabbed in Lakeland, Fla.

Danny Dwyer, cleaning crew worker, assaulted and robbed in Tiger Stadium restroom

Jamie Francis Wright, age 34, fatally shot at Melbourne, Fla. restaurant

Egypt Covington, age 27, fatally shot in Van Buren Township, Michigan

Jeremiah Goleman, age 28, fatally shot in Tulsa

Chester Novak found murdered near a boarding house he owned

Leslee Umpleby, age 49, found murdered at a motel in Winter Haven, Florida, police say

Rowan Sweeney, age 4, fatally shot in Struthers, Ohio

Elderly couple assaulted, bound and robbed in South Africa

Eddie Hassell, age 30, fatally shot in Dallas

Elderly couple, ages 77 and 73, ambushed, assaulted, bound, robbed

Carly Rae Baron, age 23, fatally shot after traffic crash

October, 2020

Charly Lewis, 32, fatally shot after witnessing murder

Allie Hannah, age 22, fatally shot in Jonesboro, Arkansas

Kenny Wayne Mason, 52, fatally shot during carjacking in Mississippi

Brandon Van, 38, fatally shot in Mesa, AZ

Bradley Cowart, 14, shot multiple times while walking home from school

Ryan Frazier and Joshua Carroll fatally shot execution style

Colonel Dave Wessels found murdered on his farm

Lisa Holstead, 22, fatally strangled in Wisconsin

Wayne Coventry, 36, mutilated and fatally stabbed

Elizabeth Ann Powell Wilson, age 45, raped and fatally strangled and beaten

Amanda Rush, age 30 fatally shot during robbery attempt

Woman, age 28, shoved in path of subway train

Unnamed 33-year-old carjacked and beaten

Jennifer Brelsford, age 40, suffered violent murder

Gerrit Stander, 38, fatally shot during home invasion

Larry Manno, age 74, fatally beaten; arrest made

Lynn Marie Maher, 49: 7-Eleven murder suspect named, but not nabbed

Willard Dement Jr, age 38, fatally shot in Henderson, NC

Gayle Benson, 73, nearly carjacked

April Robinson, age 37, fatally shot by ex-boyfriend, reports say

Tommy Cross, 55, shot six times, robbed

Unnamed boy, age 15 slashed from behind

Sherry Black, 64, fatally stabbed and beaten

Nicholas Shane McReynolds, age 44, fatally shot in Florida

Tully Clark, age 44, fatally shot in Tulsa

Chase Joseph Meola, age 23, fatally shot at house party

Wesley Colin Brown, age 26, fatally shot in Columbia, SC

Unnamed teen girl beaten at food court in Naples, Fla.

Kyle Stein, age 21, and girlfriend fatally shot in St. Augustine, Fla.

Angel Villafranca, 17, fatally shot in Brandenton, Florida

72-year-old woman beaten, car-jacked; 3 teens die in subsequent crash

Chantel Kershaw, 44, raped and fatally strangled in South Africa

Mackenzie Lueck, 23, strangled, burned

Markie McGinnis, 29, fatally shot on her way home from church

Madison Sparrow, age 17, fatally beaten with baseball bat

Sierra Rhodd, age 20, fatally shot while she slept

Raymond Gregory Papabavlou, 28, fatally shot while sleeping

Kira Seymour, 17, fatally shot in Eastpointe, Michigan

David Shawn Authement, 33, one of two fatally stabbed at Jenning, La. home

Kristan Nicole Thibodeaux, 24, one of two fatally stabbed at Jenning, La. home

Tiffany L. Kidwell, 32, fatally shot in Walton, Kentucky

Nelson Vega, age 39, fatally shot during apparent carjacking

John Harding Pope, 57, fatally shot in Alexandria, Virginia

Brendin Horner, 21, tortured and murdered on farm

Actor Rick Moranis, 67, randomly assaulted in NYC

Collin Goodman, age 18, fatally shot in Flint, Michgan

Linda Marie Maher, 49, fatally shot during 7-Eleven robbery

Ryan Tate Hogan, 22, fatally shot during home invasion 

Deonte Lee Murray, 36: Suspect in Compton police shooting arrested

Mother of 4-year-old son fatally shot in Georgia 

September, 2020

Couple brutally tortured in South Africa farm attack

East Asian set on fire in Berkeley, Calif.

Jason Cleereman, 54, immigration attorney fatally shot in the head

Unnamed man, age 75, critically injured in hit-and-run robbery

Savages attack ATM serviceman in broad daylight

Rowan Sweeney, age 4, was fatally shot during a home invasion in Ohio

William Scott Smallwood, age 48, fatally shot in Louisville

Steven Matthew Head, age 24, fatally shot in Louisville

Fillmore James Burriss, 27, fatally shot at outdoor family gathering

Andrea Puerta, 29, beaten on Miami transit

71-year-old woman assaulted on Boston transit system

Keith Perry beaten by mob, carjacked Philadelphia gas station

Donna Snow, 84, punched during Trump gathering in Aliso Viejo, California

Amanda Baucum, 26, fatally shot in Nashville, Tenn

Rachael Gasparini, 18, fatally shot in Daytona Beach, Fla

Wilma Hochstetler, 40, fatally shot in Indianapolis; husband wounded

Cansas Carolyn Crotts, 25, fatally shot in Lynchburg, Va

William Anderson “Andy” Banks, 39, presumed murdered after Craig's List meetup

Amber Dolby, 38, "executed" on April 26; suspect arrested

Woman throws bottle at jogger in NYC

Two more arrested in January, 2019 bicyclist's shooting death

Pregnant clerk brutally beaten at Dunkin' Donuts, reports say

Jacqueline Barthelemy, 36-year-old mother of two, killed during gas station robbery

78-year-old Sara Cleveland murder suspect arrested for earlier homicide

Jordan Stevens, 23, fatally shot execution style in front of his pregnant wife

Unknown woman sucker punched in Sweden: Video

Jose D. Alcacio Rubio, 26, fatally shot in Dallas

70-year-old man dragged, beaten at Florida convenience store

Emilio Garza, 52, fatally shot during robbery

Olga Marie Calderon, 32: Walgreens employee fatally stabbed

Tyler Carr, 24, was fatally shot during robbery; two convicted, two more trial this month

Dedrea Duncan, age 22, found dead; arrest made

Wendy Jerome, 14, raped and murdered; arrest made 36 years later

Timothy Austin Hall, age 51, fatally shot; arrest made 1 year later

Michael Chapman, age 40 fatally shot in South St. Louis

Vincent J. Hemenway, age 49 robbed, fatally shot in Waterloo, Iowa

Joshua L. Ungersma fatally shot; 17-year-old arrested

Unnamed man assaulted on London bus; media sides with attackers

Ethan Scott Powell, 18, fatally shot; 15-year-old arrested

Audra J. Perry, age 28, fatally shot in Huntington, WV

Dominic Williams-Wood, 17, fatally shot in High Ridge, Missouri

Jacob Billington, 23, fatally stabbed

James Skernivitz, 53, and Scott Dingess, 50, fatally shot during robbery attempt; 3 teens charged

Unnamed woman, punched in church during live stream

Laura Regina Ross, 57, fatally shot during home invasion by group of juveniles, reports say

Eddie Nelson Jr., 39, fatally beaten in jail

Unnamed woman, 74, punched, purse snatched in New York City

Laura Taylor fatally shot after following alleged robber out of store

Heather Cook, 32, and her baby, Bentley, fatally stabbed

52 Farm attacks and 9 farm murders in South Africa in August 2020

West Bromwich, England: Violent robbery attempt captured on video

Amy Lynn Warner, 51, fatally shot in downtown Austin, Texas

Christine Summers, 53, beaten to death after apparent traffic mishap

Woman robbed at "knifepoint" in NYC elevator

Johan Kriek fatally stabbed during home invasion

Blase Allen Wright fatally shot; arrests made after 13 years

Caleb Luel, 19, fatally shot; two arrested

David W. Crostic fatally shot during home invasion; three arrested

Man hit in the head with brick from hehind as onlookers laugh

August, 2020

Male attempts to rape woman in broad daylight at subway station

Male shouts "allahu akbar" "Black lives matter" before stabbing

Nick Bester, age 60, beaten, robbed; left for dead

Joseph and Jossline Roland fatally shot in Colorado

Wade Parramore fatally shot after property dispute, reports say

Man tries to sell 4-year-old for $2,500 at gas station, police say

Jayvon Hatchett “felt the need to find a white male to kill,” report says

Megan McNeil, woman shot by boyfriend in Worcester, has died

Chelsey Morris, 24, fatally shot; two arrested

Laura Ashley Anderson and Charles Nicholas Wall gunned down in South Carolina

Donald Troutwine fatally shot in Tennessee

Watch 5-year-old abused by daycare worker

83-year-old run over by his car as it is stolen

Maged Ghaly fatally shot during suspected overnight store heist

Ryan Allen Lehnig: Missouri man fatally shot; manhunt underway for suspect

Tim Richardson: Elderly homeless man kicked and beaten

Dr. Craig Cullen-Terzano: 80-year-old shot dead; granddaughter's husband arrested

Donald Carlton: 66-year-old fatally shot in pickup truck during robbery

Arrests made after 23-year-old fatally stabbed

Student "executed" with gunshot to the back of his head

Retired police sgt, age 56, beaten, kicked, robbed

Caught on video: An elderly woman assaulted and robbed

Marquise Love surrenders; here's his rap sheet

John Shockley: 24-year-old fatally shot in Indianapolis

80-year-old dies after savage beating

Disabled man beaten by male saying, ‘Cracker, I’m going to kill you”

Veronica Lee Baker: 17-year-old girl found murdered in her car

Woman shot in murder attempt; gunman kills self

18-year-old Safeway employee fatally shot

Elderly worker sucker punched in Chicago

Hate crime "victim" arrested for assault

44-year-old woman fatally stabbed during home invasion

Man fatallty shot in head was one of two killed in two counties within minutes

45-year-old man was fatally shot "from behind"

32-year-woman fatally shot at market in Kentucky; child injured

Arrest made 7 years after mother and daughter were slashed to death

Black teens rob white kids' lemonade stand at gunpoint

23-year-old fatally shot in his Nashville apartment

19-year-old shot dead in motel room; 40-year-old male arrested

Physician dies after being assaulted at a walk-in clinic where he worked

Family man fatally stabbed by convicted killer

62-year-old woman killed by "stray" bullet

Two males arrested after shooting death in South Carolina

5-year-old shot dead in North Carolina

23-year-old woman dies after being shot in the head by the father of her children

Male arrested after punching 77-year-old at Las Vegas grocery

Aspiring rapper rammed with vehicle in UK

Murder suspect was released from jail due to covid-19

Man shot dead in W Va; "was in an argument with two unknown black men"

Two men fatally shot in Kentucky; suspect found sleeping in stranger's apartment

21-year-old fatally shot in New York

Muncie, Indiana woman fatally strangled, authorities believe

Male arrested after punching store worker over mask dispute

Woman shot dead after breaking romantic ties

Female arrested "for Assaulting Transplant Patient Who Asked Her to Wear Mask"

Woman slashed for standing too close on NYC subway

Woman assaulted for recording assault on NYC subway

31-year-old woman terminated in Florida parking lot

Florida couple say they were assaulted on July 4 outing

Indian research scientist murdered while jogging

Woman assaulted at Staples

60-year-old woman pistol whipped during store robbery

Georgia woman killed: Boyfriend says suicide; police say homicide

27-year-old dies after gunshot wound to the head

Man, 69, robbed at gunpoint in broad daylight

Man shot dead while driving pick-up truck

Texas woman shot dead during convenience store robbery

2 beaten to death with baseball bat during home invasion

July, 2020

54-year-old German dragged in path of train; alien "asylum seekers" arrested

Intentional hit and run: 23-year-old woman dragged to death; dismembered

76-year-old blind farmer hacked to death

Man, 77, forced to withdraw $1,800 from ATM following assault, police say

64-year-old landlord decapitated after rent dispute

Police seek male with "darker skin and perm-style hair" after fatal stabbing

Two women die in hail of gunfire at Family Dollar Store

Victim of nursing home beat down dies

31-year-old mom shot dead in her drive

Kelsey Grammer's daughter slashed during rescue attempt

Church lady, 69, shot dead on Nebraska bus

Male nurse assaulted on Chicago mass transit; gets upper hand

23-year-old gunned down in North Carolina

Woman fatally shot after armed robbery at shopping mall

Sisters fatally shot in Lantana, Florida

Arrest made after kneeling-on-baby's-neck video goes viral

36-year-old shot dead in "random" shooting near Indianapolis

20-year-old student shot dead while walking in Chicago

Arrest made after 23-year-old bystander shot dead at Waffle House

Forensics lead to suspect in murder of 24-year-old mom

63-year-old shot dead during early morning stroll with his wife

79-year-old found murdered; house guest arrested

58-year-old off-duty fireman fatally shot

59-year-old man beaten to death at county fair

17-year-old high school girl shot dead

45-year-old woman fatally shot by co-worker, reports say

32-year-old police officer was shot dead in Washington state

10-year-old British boy slabbed by alien, reports say

‘Trusted’ friend, 20, ‘raped and strangled barmaid, 20, before dumping her face down in a pond with her pants down’

Nearby residents said they heard ‘blood curdling screams’

Two elderly men fight off knife attack on NYC subway

Homicide: Man targeted by Mexican because he was "caucasion"

Young mom killed after saying, "All lives matter."

17-year-old fatally shot in Illinois trailer park

17-year-old girl gunned down on Georgia highway

Police identify male accused of sucker punching 12-year-old boy

36-year-old woman "executed" in motal

BLM protester killed while protesting by black male, allegedly

33-year-old sentenced for breaking into woman's home and killing her

78-year-old veteran fatally shot

Woman, 21, gunned down in Scranton street

Elderly homeless man robbed and fatally stabbed in Baltimore

71-year-old woman fatally stabbed; charges filed after 2-year investigation

BLM protester killed while protesting by black male, allegedly

Caught on video: Hotel clerk punched by guest

Police search for male suspect after fatal shooting in Wisconsin

Social-justice advocate shot dead at demonstration

BLM hysteria: Protester hurls racist slurs at black cop

BLM protesters attacked; caught on video

Houston mom assault and robbed as she unload groceries at apt

June 2020 entries

48-year-old man gunned down at motel

Woman with toddler's mind raped outside hotel

Remember this? Professor killed in home invasion

Nebraska man clings to life after being shot in the head

Female charged after bus attack

Male admits killing wife, reports say

Remember this? Young man man dead after beaten and forced into traffic

Police shoot and kill unarmed white man as he begs for his life

72-year-old shot dead during failed carjacking

8 black girls attack terrified 16-year-old in Australia

Clerk assaulted; caught on video...

Reporter lets it slip...

Two dead; police suspect murder-suicide

19-year-old woman shot dead at traffic light; arrest made

Man dies after intentionally being run over, police say

Savages attack man outside store in Texas

Woman dies after being stabbed muliple times

Arrest made in South Carolina shooting death

60-year-old Louisiana man found shot in the head

NYPost Video: Brute ruthlessly knocks down 92-year-old woman in random NYC attack

Savage assaults young woman holding baby

Savages beat people on Ocean City boardwalk

75-year-old woman murdered

Male caught on video beating woman in broad daylight

Remember this? Male found guilty of killing Chicago police commander

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s son arrested for stabbing California neighbor

Jogger shot in Alabama

13 stab wounds in the back

77-year-old policeman shot dead in Mississippi

19-year-old shot dead in Kansas City; pockets turned inside-out

15-year-old shot dead in Indianapolis; suspect sings about murder on Facebook!

22-year-old psychology student shot dead during home invasion

Teen dies after being shot in the head, then "pushed" from car in Target parking lot

Officer in "excruciating pain" after been rammed during Philadelphia protests

Suspect identified after fatal shooting; remains at large

"Klan leader" plows truck into BLM gathering; no one seriously injured

42-year-old shot dead by co-worker, reports say

Policeman shot during traffic stop

Cop fatally shot in Alabama; 2 arrested

Cop fatally shot in California

19-year-old allegedly murdered by her boyfriend in Louisville

Las Vegas' Officer Shay Mikalonis shot in the neck; hospitalized in "grave condition"

Remember this? Cop convicted in murder of 6-year-old autistic boy released from prison (after 21 months)

Male with AK-47 takes out police officer serving eviction papers

Arrest made in 2014 murder

White cop attacked in Bronx

14-year-old to enter guilty plea in Tessa Majors slaying case, reports say

Video: 8 males with 2x4s beat little lady in Rochester

Woman delivers two blows to the officer's head before...

Remember this? Cop indicted for assaulting 61-year-old man in Texas

59-year-old woman gunned down in her driveway

Man in critical condition after posh hotel shooting; SUSPECT RELEASED!

"Get him!" 35-year-old male shot dead in Georgia

Murder victim found in alleged serial rapist's car trunk

Columbus, Ohio: Police name suspect in fatal stabbing

Murder: Arrest made in 5-year cold case

Retail clerk left bloodied after encounter with irate customer

Male charged after South Carolina murder

Fireman fatally shot; 22-year-old male arrested

Male charged in murder of restaurant owner

15-year-old teen shot dead in Charlotte, NC

Black male orderly arrested after beating elderly white patients

65-year-old murdered during home invasion

Couple in their 50s attacked by male with machete

80-year-old woman stabbed to death by criminal out on bond, police say

Iraqi (23) accused of decapitating Swedish girlfriend (17)

News anchor assaulted on light-rail platform

Video: Another 71-year-old business owner attacked

71-year-old woman beaten in Troy NY

Special ed teacher murdered; ex-con she tried to help arrested

76-year-old man stabbed in back at gas pump by jogger

15-year-old girl fatally shot with stolen gun; teen arrested

Paroled convict accused of killing 21-year-old woman

Teen dies attempting to stop rapist

Jogger shot dead in Indianapolis

Elderly couple shot dead in cemetery idenfitied

Murder defendent released due to COVID-19 concerns

73-year-old woman killed in hammer attack, reports say

Male "hunts" old people at veterans cemetery; 2 dead including shooter

Black male dragged out of supermarket

Arrest made after double homicide

41-year-old shot dead at gas station; 2 arrested

Broad daylight: 84-year-old woman victim of violent assault

Arrest made in 2016 cold-case murder

20-year-old woman killed in random barber shop attack

Rayquan Robinson charged after murder of 22 year old

Former cop killed in carjacking attempt

Woman shot dead in her car

Three-year-old beaten to death

Police officer fatally shot while investigating murder

4 arrested in 2006 Pizza Hut "lynching"

21-year-old shot dead after car chase

Male recorded bashing old woman with pipe

Postal carrier shot dead

Teen arrested after NC murder

Male convicted in Tennessee woman's murder

22-year-old cold case ends in arrest

40-year-old cold case ends in arrest

17-year-old murdered in North Carolina

Guard's skull fractured during jail attack

Teen girl shot dead in Texas

Couple shot dead; Somoan and wife arrested

2 arrested after murder spree; 4 dead

Young man shot dead on Easter

Male kills woman in domestic argument, allegedly

Passenger "executed" on Philadelphia train; male arrested

Baby-faced cop killer gets paroled

25-year-old man fatally shot in North Carolina

23-year-old student fatally shot in North Carolina; two arrested

75-yr-old woman allegedly killed and set on fire by delivery man

Male pushed in front of moving train, man arrested 

Girl shot dead; two males arrested 

Report: White man rescues Asian family from Hispanic knife attack

Man, 21, shot in the back; male charged with first-degree murder 

Pregnant woman shot dead by boyfriend 

Man fatally shot in barroom "brawl" 

3 women fatally stabbed at truck stop 

Doctor and her husband "executed" -- 2 arrested 

Couple killed by fugitive 

Graduate student murdered; 4 males jailed 

7-year-old girl fatally stabbed while riding scooter in park 

20-year-old father shot dead; body dumped in street, reports say 

Video: Man beaten by teens for his i-Phone 

Tourist's throat slashed from behind in NYC 

USA ► Pregnant woman fatally shot

South Africa ► Pregnant mom, 31, hacked to death at resort 


  1. Funny it doesn't seem like any of these white victims were resisting arrest at the time of their deaths unlike black people that everyone is all upset about and peacefully rioting and looting for.

  2. Funny it doesn't seem like any of these white victims were resisting arrest at the time of their deaths unlike the black people that everyone is all upset about and peacefully rioting and looting for.


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