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December 27, 2020

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DAILYKENN.com --Amber Woods, age 16, was fatally shot in Florida in 2006. Fourteen years later, in December, 2020, three suspects were charged. 

According to fox13news.com, "Three siblings face charges in the cold case, Sheriff Rick Wells explained Monday morning. He identified them as 35-year-old Ralph Williams, 32-year-old Tyjuan Williams, and 37-year-old Jamaine Brown."

The report also said, "In the days leading up to Amber's murder, Wells said Ralph wanted to end his relationship with the teenager and conspired with his brothers to kidnap her, take her to a remote area and kill her."

Excerpted from fox13news.com ▼

Detectives said they learned it was generally believed that Amber was pregnant with Ralph's child. During the investigation, the sheriff said the agency found a text message where he was concerned about the rumored pregnancy since she was underage.

At the time, detectives had several leads, but could not build a strong case against Ralph, the sheriff said.

Then, in April 2019, the sheriff's office decided to re-examine the case to include using technology that was previously unavailable. This time, they used cellular tracking software to follow the cell towers and travel of the brothers that morning.

Sheriff Wells said they learned a phone used by Ralph was in the vicinity of where Amber's body was found.

During an interview in November with Brown, detectives said they learned he drove Amber to a rural location off of SR-62. They got out of the vehicle and she was shot in the back by Tyjuan. An arrest warrant was issued for Brown on a kidnapping charge. He pleaded guilty on Dec. 18.


"These are just cold-hearted individuals, that's all you can say," said Sheriff Rick Wells.  "This young woman had her entire life in front of her and they treated her like she was nothing." 
[Sheriff: 16-year-old Amber Woods killed in 2006 because boyfriend wanted to end relationship, fox13news.com, By FOX 13 News staff]


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