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November 25, 2020

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DAILYKENN.com --Anton Kleyn, 61, was fatally shot near Pretoria, South Africa. A report says the victim was attacked in the early morning as he and another man slept in a Wendy house. The other victim, Aubrey du Plessis, 45, was also shot, but survived. 

A Wendy house is a small dwelling named for the character, Wendy, in J. M. Barrie's play, Peter Pan. [source]

Reports say two cell phones and a old-model television were missing. 

The crime was reported November 25, 2020.  

Excerpted from wecanstopthegenocide.com ▼

At around 1:15 AM on Tuesday 24 November 2020, a smallholding at Mooiplaats East of Pretoria was attacked by three men. Anton Kleyn (61) and Aubrey du Plessis (45) were both shot. Sadly Anton died on the scene.

“I have broad shoulders, I will probably get through this,” said Louis Kleyn (66) after his younger brother was shot.

Aubrey, who was sleeping on the couch, was shot first. He then shouted to warn Anton, who was in the bedroom at the time.

Anton came out of the room with a Chinese sword (which hung on the wall for decoration) as a weapon. He told Aubrey to go hide, Louis says.

Excerpted from citizen.co.za ▼

Police are hunting for suspects after a man was shot and killed in his Wendy House in the north of Pretoria in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

Provincial police spokesman Captain Kay Makhubela said police were investigating a murder and attempted murder.

At around 2am on Tuesday, police were deployed to a scene after a murder was reported in Mooiplaats.

Makhubela said on the arrival at the plot, police identified a Wendy House where two men were shot earlier.

“One victim was certified dead on the scene by paramedics and the other man had been shot and injured and taken to hospital.”

It is believed the two were shot at in their sleep soon after midnight on Tuesday.

“The preliminary investigation revealed that they might have been shot through the window. The motive for the murder is unknown, but a neighbour’s observation is that one old model television and both victims’ phones were missing,” Makhubela said.

Cops hunt suspects who shot two men in Wendy House, Marizka Coetzer, November 25, 2020

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