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October 20, 2020

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DAILYKENN.com -- Rudy
Giuliani told Fox and News that Hunter Biden's email and photos "will shock the hell out of you."

Biden was seeking $10-million per year, according to one entry, from foreign businesses. Apparently, Biden was leveraging his father's influence. His father, as you know, is former vice-president of the United States, Joe Biden. 

Giuliani explained that the source of Biden's emails is a computer repairman with whom Hunter left his computer for repairs. 

The former mayor seemed outraged that the repairman had turned the computers over to the FBI who had the data for six months and done nothing with them.

 Video transcript

 These nine things are so earth shaking and the ninth or last should, in my opinion, send Hunter Biden and "Pop," as he calls his father, Joe Biden, to prison.  

This is about that data found on Hunter Biden's computer. 

Rudy Giuliani explained how the emails were authenticated and why Hunter Biden is a national security risk. 

The computer, as you know, was left with a repairman who downloaded the data and turned it over to Rudy Giuliani who, in turn, made it available to The New York Post. 

Again, these nine things are earth shaking and the ningth should place Hunter and Joe Biden in prison, in my opinion.  

First, the data was authenticated. 

The data was authenticated by both Giuliani and his lawyer confirmed the emails were genuine. "Okay," he admitted, "You don't have to accept that."

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The data was authenticated by The New York Post. The Post held the data containing Hunter's damning email for a week during which time the respected newspaper authenticated them. "I don't think The Post would publish them without being absolutely certain they were authentic," he said. 

Neither Biden nor his attorney dispute their authenticity.

The data was implicitly authenticated by Hunter Biden's lawyer. 

"The best one of all," Giuliani said is that "the big-mouthed lawyer made a very big mistake. Before this was even out  ... the first thing he does is call that merchant. And he said, 'Can I have my client's harddrive back,.' So," he continued, "he's basically admitting for his client as his client's agent, that's Hunter Biden's harddrive."

Second, Giuliani invited a representative of Fox News to come to his office and view the data. "It's as authentic as hell," he said. "Some of those pictures on it could only have come from him."

Third, he then stated that he had about ten bits of information that know one knows about except himself and Hunter Biden. Giuliani said he did that on purpose. 

Fourth, in one example, he said he has an anonymous source "that reports on a meeting at the state department which would violate the foreign agents' registration act. And Hunter Biden was taken in the back door and kept off the books. The gentleman who was involved in it and told me about it had the date. I've had that for a year and a half. That very date shows up in his emails. There are five emails setting up that appointment, that date, and that exact time. I've got five of those if anybody cares to examine it. They're not even disputing it. This is Hunter Biden's email texts and really the photographs will shock the hell out of you."

Fifth, he cited the photos which, he said, reveal federal crimes.

 "The photos make him a national security risk for the United States of America because every photo I have China has plus a lot more. They reveal federal crimes. They reveal disgusting sexual behavior. And then they reveal numerous times when he is totally gone on crack which means he spent most of the last five years on crack and who would pay this man two dollars much less than ten million dollars if he's a crack addict."

Sixth, Giuliani noted the data referred to "the big guy" whom he assumes is Joe Biden. 

Seventh, Giuliani said the data reveals Hunter was setting up an office to share with a Chinese communist intelligence agent. 

"The first two keys he asked for," Giuliani said, "were for Joe Biden and for Jill Biden."

Eighth, Joe Biden, he concluded, is "the big guy" who's getting ten percent.

Hunter, in a note to his daughter, lamented being mistreated for years but, "unlike Pop," Hunter reportedly wrote, "I'm not going to ask you to kick back half your salary."

Ninth, Giuliani speculated that bribe money explains Biden's wealth and his ability to secure "all those beautiful houses".

"Why did Joe put his son in that position," Giuliani wondered. "A drug addict just thrown out of the navy, in and out of rehab six times, taking drugs while he's in rehab, and he puts him in business with four of the most crooked people in the world. That's got to be either stupidity or greed." 

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