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October 23, 2020

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 DAILYKENN.com --Amanda Rush, age 30, was fatally shot during robbery attempt, reports say. 

The crime occurred in West Columbus, Ohio. 

The woman's life was terminated on October 23, 2020 just before 6 a.m. Rush was the general manager of a White Castle where she was killed during an apparent robbery attempt. Another worker was injured but survived. 

Arrested is 29-year-old Mark Reynolds who, reports say, barricaded himself in a nearby gas station restroom. He's been charged with murder, reports say. 

The victim had worked for White Castle for 14 years. 

• The crime is yet another example of a culture clash between a responsible person working for a living and another seeking to steal for a living. 

Excerpted from abc6onyourside.com ▼ by Matthew Thomas

Police said they received a tip phone call that the suspect responsible, identified by police as 29-year-old Mark Reynolds, had fled to a nearby gas station. Reynolds had barricaded himself inside the gas station's bathroom, a radio room dispatcher told ABC 6/FOX 28.

SWAT was briefly called to the scene. Eventually, police arrested Reynolds. Officers said they found a weapon inside.

Police say it was later discovered that Reynolds had attempted to commit a robbery prior to the shooting, and he was responsible for shooting into the PNC Bank at 3500 W. Broad Street.

Reynolds is charged with murder. He's been transported to the Franklin County Jail.

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