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September 3, 2020

DAILYKENN.com -- Farm-attack denier Cyril Ramaphosa is president of South Africa. 


That presents a challenge for white farmers in South Africa who have sustained violent attacks spanning decades. 

In August, 2020, there were 52 reported farm attacks resulting in nine deaths. Another 55 farm attacks occurred the previous month resulting in nine murders. 107 attacks and 18 murders demands justice. 

South Africa must be returned to the Dutch who created the nation and the Sākhoen bushmen who lived there long before black Africans migrated from the north. 


38 farm murders have been recorded since February, 2020, in South Africa. 

Excerpt from southafricatoday.net ▼

During June 2020 there were 56 farm attacks and 7 farm murders.

During May 2020, there were fifteen farm attacks and four farm murders.

During April 2020, there were seventeen farm attacks and one farm murder.

During March 2020 there were thirty five farm attacks and six farm murders.

During February 2020 there were 31 farm attacks and eight farm murders in South Africa.

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