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August 7, 2020

DAILYKENN.com -- A 26-year-old woman claims she was assaulted by a man and woman she was video recording as they assaulted another passenger on a New York City subway train. 

• Jim Crow laws existed for a reason. Granted, they were imminently unfair to decent people. However, the risk of endangerment from deranged people with low intelligence, low impulse control, low executive function, and low affective empathy outweighed the unfairness, in the minds of some. 

That was made evident when an apparently unhinged man and woman assaulted other passengers on a subway train in New York City. The incident was captured on video.

Excerpted from newyork.cbslocal.com ▼

“They were both punching me in the face,” she said.

The victim is 26 years old and asks we only use her first name, Victoria.

She says it began when they roughed up another rider and she began to record the incident.

“I wanted to have their picture to give to the cops,” she said.

Her video begins with the suspects at the far end of the train car. The man who was punched and had his phone smashed did not appear to know his attackers.

“Break that ****,” the man can be heard saying. “Go buy a new one.”

The duo then started walking, directing verbal threats at various people, saying “Who else got issues on here?” and “I dare somebody.”

Then the woman saw Victoria, saying, “You got an issue? Why are you recording? Why are you recording? Delete it, delete it.”

“She threw the first punch, but they both attacked me,” Victoria said. “Everybody ran away.”

“No one helped you?” Carlin asked.

“My phone went flying,” Victoria said.

Victoria grabbed her phone, but the two strangers were not done yet.

“They both punched me in the face a few more times and when the doors opened, they ran out of the train,” she said.
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