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August 21, 2020

DAILYKENN.com --Adam Haner stopped by the 7-Eleven for a drink. Shortly after he was forced to crash his truck. That's when he was dragged from his vehicle and violently beaten. 

The attack was captured on video and distributed worldwide via social media and conventional media. 

The attack appears to be unprovoked. His brother, in fact, said Haner previous marched with Black Lives Matter, according to heavy.com.

Haner believes he was attacked because he is white, the report said. 

The attack occurred in Portland, Oregon. Ostensibly, the attackers were participating in a black-lives-matter protest. It appears, however, the attack may have been nothing more than a mob attack.  

Historians have convinced us that such racist attacks were common in decades past as white Klansmen randomly assaulted blacks without provocation. Evidence of those attacks is lacking.

Arrested for the attack is Marquise Love, 25. Love has an extensive record. 

The attack is similar to the brutal beating of Reginald Denny in 1992 ▼. 

Excerpted from foxnews.com ▼

In 2017, he was arrested for domestic assault and domestic harassment. He wasn't prosecuted, The New York Post reported, but a judge signed a protective order against him.

His rap sheet also includes two separate arrests in 2016 for providing false information in connection with the transfer of a firearm, and domestic assault and criminal trespass. In 2015, Love was arrested for interfering with public transportation.

In 2014, a Washington County court established Love's paternity of a child in a domestic relations case and he also was charged with a probation violation in an unrelated case. In that case, he initially was stopped for doing tricks on a bicycle while blocking traffic. The bicycle didn't have brakes, according to an arrest report.

Love was arrested twice in 2012 -- once for second-degree theft, and again for interfering with public transportation and criminal trespass. He pleaded guilty to the public transportation charge, the newspaper reported. The criminal trespass charge was dismissed, according to records.

He was sentenced to 18 months probation and a $500 fine, of which $400 was later converted into community service. He still owes thousands in unpaid fines from various convictions.

Love also has arrests in other counties throughout the state. He was convicted in Clatsop County in 2016 for driving without a valid driver's license and without insurance.

In Multnomah County, home to Portland, he was convicted in August 2016 of causing unreasonable noise with a motor vehicle, driving with a suspended license and not having insurance, vehicle registration or proper license plates. He was most recently convicted there in February 2019 for failing to appear in court for driving with a suspended or revoked license.

Love, who goes by the name "Keese Love," is being sought by police after he was caught viciously attacking a man in the middle of the street Sunday night, authorities said. Footage of the beating shows someone appearing to be Love coming behind a man, identified as Adam Haner, as he is kneeling in the street and kicking him in the face.

The attack caused Haner to fall to the ground and lose consciousness. Several onlookers tended to him and he was taken to a hospital. The incident was widely circulated on social media, eliciting outrage.

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