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August 31, 2020

DAILYKENN.com -- "Black lives matter" seems to be the "allahu akbar" for the far-left. 

A man in Auro, Colorado was stabbed while walking his dog, reports say. The attacker shouted, "Black lives matter," during the incident. 

The suspect is identified as Steve Anthony Sinclair, 30. Sinclair was charged with a hate crime and attempted murder, according to kdvr.com

The crime occurred Tuesday, August 25, 2020.

The victim, identified as 29-year-old Michael Conner "...and his girlfriend told Fox they no longer feel safe at their apartment complex — and that they’re looking to move out as soon as possible," the report added

That is the essence of white flight. 

When black violence moves into a neighborhood, even the most tolerant white residents try to relocate to a safer haven. Eventually, there will be no more safe spaces for white people. 

Eleven days earlier Joseph (39) and Jossline (40) Roland were found shot in a residential complex. Both later died after being hospitalized. A black male was arrested [source].

Excerpted from nypost.com ▼

A Colorado man was allegedly stabbed this week by an unhinged stranger who yelled “Black Lives Matter!”  during a terrifying attack authorities called a hate crime, reports said.

The attack happened Tuesday evening in Aurora when the victim, identified only as Michael, was walking his dog at his family’s apartment complex, he told the Fox affiliate in Denver.

Suddenly, the suspect, identified by authorities as Steve Anthony Sinclair, 30, ran at Michael from a porch, allegedly brandishing a pair of steak knives, the outlet reported.

“He looked at me and jumped over the thing and said, ‘I’m going to kill you, you and your dog,'” Michael, who is white, told the station.

“He had two knives and he just jumped on top of me and he was yelling ‘Black lives matter — you should know my name!'”

Michael told cops he tried to run away and defend himself with a stick, but Sinclair, who is black, allegedly managed to stab him in the side.

“He collapsed my lung — I have a puncture in my diaphragm,” Michael told the station.
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