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August 1, 2020

DAILYKENN.com --A 69-year-old man was brazenly assaulted and robbed in broad daylight outside his home.

The crime occurred in Florissant, Missouri at about ten in the morning. 

News reports say the suspect held a gun on Michael Heisler, saying, "I'm gonna kill ya, come in the house or I'll kill ya." 

According to a police Facebook post:

 On Tuesday, July 28 at approximately 10 am The Florissant Police Deparment responded to the 3200 block of St. Catherine for a report of a robbery that involved an assault.

When officers arrived they contacted the 69 year old male victim who told police that he was in his in garage when a Black male approached him, displayed a handgun and physically assaulted him.

The suspect then entered the victim’s residence and at that time the victim was able to seek help at a nearby residence.

The suspect exited the victims [sic] house and was last seen leaving the area. 

Excerpted from ksdk.com ▼

Surveillance video showing a man walking onto the driveway.

"He decided to take this rug and throw the rug over me so nobody could see me out here, he went back into the house and steal what he could," said Heisler.

Moments later you see the-- 69-year-old -- running across the street for help.

"I got up ran to my neighbor's house over here and had them call the police. they called the police, whole time they were in the house, but by the time the police got here they just drove off real slow like it was no big deal," Michael said.

His neighbors coming to his aid more than once. Several showing up as 5 On Your Side's cameras were rolling.

"You do too much here for us to have something happen to you.. we got your back don't worry about it," said one neighbor.

Catherine Heisler, the victim's daughter, says she's just grateful her daughter's closest friend will make a full recovery.

"I know these kids have parents and grandparents you wouldn't want something like that happening to your parents and your grandparents how could you not have a heart and how could you do this to somebody else," said Heisler.

Florissant police are currently looking for both the gunman and the getaway driver.

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