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August 18, 2020

DAILYKENN.com -- Law enforcement apparently didn't take his claims seriously. So the 26-year-old Georgian took his case to the media. 

It seems only the far-left dominated media take white-on-black hate crime allegations seriously. 

After claiming he was jumped by three white men, Kameron Gunby was charged with multiple counts of aggravated assault, according to ajc.com.

Excerpted from ajc.com ▼

Kennesaw resident Jasmine Bracey said her roommate brought Gunby to their apartment after he had called and said he was stranded and needed a ride.

Bracey, two of her female cousins, and Bracey’s infant daughter were in the apartment at the time, with the baby asleep in another room.

“He came into our apartment already off the wall,” Bracey said. “We knew he was a little paranoid about what had just happened to him, so we tried to give him the benefit of the doubt. But he was being loud and disrespectful.”

She said Gunby became more agitated when asked to leave. At some point in the argument, Gunby allegedly pulled a pistol from a satchel and pointed it at them. All four women ran out of the room, according to the police report. Bracey and a cousin grabbed her child and left the apartment and heard a shot as soon as they exited, the report says.

Police found a bullet lodged in the kitchen back splash, the report says. They said they also found Gunby’s wallet with his Georgia concealed weapons permit between the cushions in a couch.

According to Kennesaw police, Gunby was arrested later Monday morning by Cherokee County Sheriff officers. Along with the assault charges, Gunby was charged with a felony count of child abuse because Bracey’s daughter was present, and a felony charge of sexual assault for unwanted sexual advances he allegedly made to Bracey’s roommate.

Keith Gunby, Kameron’s father, said he was still trying to piece together what happened. He said his son had been having difficulties after his alleged assault.

“He was acting very erratic. He was in and out, depressed, he wasn’t really himself,” he said.

Prior to Kameron Gunby’s arrest, Keith Gunby had expressed doubts that the police were taking his son’s claim seriously. 


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