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August 9, 2020

DAILYKENN.com -- BBC director general Tony Hall has apologized after a news report containing the n-word was broadcast in July, 2020.

The British Broadcasting Corporation was covering an alleged racist attack at which an aspiring rapper was rammed with a vehicle. Four teens have been arrested [source]. It is not known if the teens are Islamic aliens nor is it known if the attack was a Jussie-Smollett style publicity stunt gone wrong.

Kdogg was hit by a car that left him with serious injuries including a broken leg, nose, and cheekbone, according to independent.co.uk.

Racism targeting blacks was virtually unknown 100 years ago. In 1914 about 10,000 blacks lived in the British Isles, primarily in London. By 1918 the number had tripled to about 30,000. In 2011, nearly 2-million blacks live in the British Isles with 1,846,614 living in England, 36,178 in Scotland, 18,276 in Wales, and 3,616 in Northern Ireland. 

The first black citizen in the British Isles appears to have been John Moore whose name appears on the York roles in 1687. Prior to that, the British Isles were effectively homogeneously white [source]  

Excerpt from bbc.com ▼

BBC director general Tony Hall has apologised and said a mistake was made after a news report containing a racial slur was broadcast last month.

More than 18,600 people complained after the N-word was used in full in a report about a racially aggravated attack in Bristol.

The BBC initially defended the use of the slur, broadcast by Points West and the BBC News Channel on 29 July.

Lord Hall said he now accepts the BBC should have taken a different approach.

He said he recognised that the report had caused "distress" amongst many people, and said the BBC would be "strengthening" its guidance on offensive language in its output.

The use of the N-word in the broadcast prompted widespread criticism, including by a number of politicians and BBC staff.

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