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July 24, 2020

DAILYKENN.com -- 27-year-old Katie Eckert lost her life after an armed robbery in North Carolina. 

The crimes occurred at a Charlottesville strip mall parking lot. 

"A business owner in the strip mall told WBTV this violent crime is not out of the norm in this location," according to wbtv.com.

Charged for the murder are 22-year-old Marquez Tyrone Williamson, 25-year-old Bricard Washington and a 16-year-old-male.

Apparently, the three suspects approached the vehicle and attempted to rob Eckert at gunpoint. 

What do you think?

Why is violent crime a problem in virtually every black community?

 Excerpted from wbtv.com ▼

A business owner in the strip mall told WBTV this violent crime is not out of the norm in this location.

“We’ve been here for 20 years and I think I just got used to things,” he said. “We have a security guard. He was here yesterday, but it still happened.”

CMPD is still investigating the circumstances surrounding the deadly shooting.

“There was evidence there were drugs associated with that, and we believe that may be a potential motive,” said.

This is the latest in recent violent crimes involving young people.

“It’s really a troubling trend when we see victims 14 years old, suspects 16 years old,” [CMPD Lt. Bryan Crump] said. “Kids getting involved in very adult decisions.”

It concerns parents like Erica Thompson who lives nearby.

“I do have four small kids and it’s very sad that people are out here just cutting up a fool and not thinking about their actions and how it does affect other people,” Thompson said.

She says it falls on the community to teach the youth to love.

“We don’t want the hatred part to intervene with the things we need to get done,” she said.

Police still have 17 active homicide cases to solve out of the 64 that have happened this year.

* What do you think?

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