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July 1, 2020

DAILYKENN.com -- A mom was punched in the face while unloading groceries at a Houston, Texas apartment parking lot. 

The assault was captured on security video. 

The woman continued to suffer a beating after she was knocked to the pavement.

Her young son helplessly stood by as his mother was savagely beaten and robbed. 

The male attacker made off with the woman's purse. 

The attacker is seen getting into a white four-door Nissan where another male was waiting.

What do you think? 

How can we most effectively protect ourselves from predators?

From abc13.com ▼

The Houston Police Department is asking for your help in identifying a man seen in surveillance video assaulting and robbing a mother while her young son stands closely by.

The video released by the HPD Robbery Division shows the suspect run and punch the mother in the face, causing her to fall to the ground.

The suspect then continues to assault her while she's on the ground.

The man was one of two suspects who pulled up to the complex in a white four-door Nissan.

After attacking the woman, the video shows the man grab the mother's purse and then run back into the Nissan, which then sped away.


Police say the attack happened while the mother was unloading groceries at an apartment complex.... 

* What do you think?

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