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July 28, 2020

DAILYKENN.com -- A male nurse managed to fend off an aggressive male on Chicago's Red Line mass transit. The encounter was captured on video by another passenger. 

Reports say the aggressor was ranting about the COVID-19 epidemic. The nurse attempted to get the man to leave him alone. 

When things turned physical, the nurse soon got the upper hand and ended the confrontation. 

This may explain why Jim Crow laws mandated blacks and whites be forced to separate while using public transportation.

The media was careful not to profile individuals by race or gender. 

Excerpted from chicago.cbslocal.com ▼

It starts with a man in a black shirt standing over the hospice nurse, and shouting at him about healthcare workers – blaming them and the nurse personally for the coronavirus pandemic.

Eventually, the nurse stands up to defend himself, and the two men struggle for several minutes.

The woman who recorded the video, Katrice Hardaway, said the nurse tried a number of times to get the man to leave him alone. She herself hit the panic button on the train.

Other passengers try coming between the two, but the man accused of assaulting the nurses did not like the fact that the nurse got the upper hand in the tussle.

And when the train arrived at a stop, the man refused to get off, so the nurse decided to get off at the 69th Street exit. Hardaway followed to make sure police got the video.

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