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July 2, 2020

DAILYKENN.com -- Reports say a 59-year-old hotel clerk was assaulted by guests. 

The alleged assault occurred after guests complained about a lack of hot water in their room. 

Chrystal Caldwell, 59, said the couple "attacked her and yelled racial slurs at her."

A security video camera recorded a male throwing a punch at the woman. 

Excerpt from cbs27.com ▼

A Connecticut hotel clerk is seeking justice after she said a couple attacked her and yelled racial slurs at her.

Chrystal Caldwell, 59, said she suffered a concussion after being attacked Friday by two guests at a Quality Inn in Mystic, Connecticut.

Caldwell, a desk clerk at the hotel for seven years, said a New York couple who was staying at the hotel beat her twice.

Video shows the second attack, in which the couple is seen punching Caldwell in the head and throwing her to the ground.

Caldwell said the couple was looking for her after a prior altercation at the front desk. The man first called to say his hot water wasn’t working. When Caldwell offered to have someone come and fix it or switch their room, she said he got angry and started calling her names, including “monkey,” among other things.

“The manager said, ‘I got this; I got it under control,’ so I turned around to go back to my desk because other people were checking out,” Caldwell said. “He just came down before I could go behind the desk and assaulted me.”

At one point, she said, the man went to the reception area and started hitting her, so police were called. But the couple was able to get ahold of Caldwell a second time.

Caldwell’s attorney John Strafaci said the couple was targeting her. “You see these two people looking around for Chrystal like they’re still stalking her. It’s really one of the most vicious assaults you’d ever see.”

Said Caldwell: “All I could see is his shoe coming. I was fighting for my life.”

Strafaci said Stonington officers did not arrest the couple before they left for New York.

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