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July 30, 2020

DAILYKENN.com -- 76-year-old Chrisjan van Niekerk was found hacked to death in his farm's store. 

The grisly remains were discovered by a customer on July 27, 2020. 

In spite of his age, the life-long, legally-blind farmer managed to operate his farm in Alexandria near Port Elizabeth.

Community members aided police in locating two suspects.


Excerpted from wecanstopthegenocide.com ▼

On Saturday evening at around 6pm on July 27, the body of Chrisjan van Niekerk(76), was discovered at Alexandria near Port Elizabeth. A family man and devout Christian, the farmer was killed with an ax or machete in the shop on his farm – Nooitgedacht. He was almost completely blind.

A local customer came across Chrisjan’s bloodied body on Saturday afternoon when he wanted to go and buy necessities. The store’s door was open when the customer arrived, but the security door was locked.

When no one responded, he peeked into the store and saw a bloody hand protruding from under the counter.

Christine van Niekerk, Chrisjan’s sister-in-law, says he had been assaulted in his shop many times, but went there because he considered it his space. “Despite the attacks, he believed that God would look after him,” says Christine.

She says it is not yet clear how the attackers manage to enter the store, or what the motive for the murder was not.

“Chrisjan was a family man. He loved his community very much and his faith in God was unwavering, “says Christine.

Christine says that although Chrisjan struggled to see, he still tried to farm productively. He had a herd of cattle that he managed himself. His early years as a farmer were marked by his chicken and vegetable farming.


The teamwork and the quick response of local farmers, community members, the neighbourhood watch, the local police, and the Port Elizabeth police dog unit led to the two brothers’ arrest. Marius Muller, national operations coordinator for AfriForum, says that the parties involved worked tirelessly on Saturday night to comb the area. “Members of the local neighbourhood watch jumped in with their night-vision drone and helped locate the suspects, about 15 km from the farm.” he said.

They are expected to appear in Alexandria Magistrate’s Court this week on charges of murder.

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