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Uncle Tom 2020

June 4, 2020 -- When will they learn? 

A white man hiding behind a glass window finds his "tumbs up" was an unwelcome gesture when protesters responded with a brick. 

"We're on you side!" he shouted (as if they could hear him).

Here's a clue to clueless white leftists. You are not on their side. You will never be on their side. They don't want you. They hate you because you are white. They are racists. 

Here's another clue. Diversity is not a strength. Diversity is divisive. That's why they call it diversity. Unity is a strength. That's why there are no race riots in Iceland and, before the invasion of third-worlders, throughout most of Western Europe. 

Racially homogeneous nations — the few that remain — have no racial divides because they cannot have racial divides. 

Where there are differences, there is diversity. Where there is diversity, there are divisions.

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