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June 1, 2020

DAILYKENN.com -- A group of eight savages with metal bats and 2x4 boards attacked a small woman in Rochester, New York. The attack was captured on video by a passing motorist, reports say.

The woman's husband was also attacked.

Apparently, the savages were targeting a jewelry store when the couple informed the savages that people lived in the building. 


• We wonder if the far-left mainstream media will refer to the woman as a "Karen" for having the audacity to challenge black males, as was the case after a business woman challenged a black man in New York City's Central Park. "Karen" is a neologism invented by the far-left intended to stereotype middle-aged white women as obnoxious. 

• We wonder if women in silly pink-knit hats will come to this woman's defense. 

• We wonder how many other assaults occurred that were not video recorded. 

Historians tells us that the Ku Klux Klan once roamed the streets of the Deep South randomly assaulting blacks without provocation. Those stories are unsubstantiated and undocumented. However, the story of a small woman being beaten without mercy in Rochester, New York is substantiated, documented, and occurred in recent days; not in the obscure past. 

From democratandchronicle.com ▼

 Video of a violent confrontation between a group of looters and a city couple went viral Sunday, a graphic glimpse at the chaos that gripped Rochester in the hours after a long and peaceful Black Lives Matter protest ended Saturday afternoon.

The video shows a group of eight men, armed with metal clubs and wooden 2x4s breaking the window of a jewelry store on Marshall Street near Monroe Avenue. A young woman comes out of the door of the 2nd floor apartment located above over the store. Her husband stands beside her.

"Go away" she can be heard saying to the men, "People live here!"

In response, one of the looters begins swinging the length of 2x4, striking both residents. Others in the group join in the attack, throwing objects at the couple. Another punches the woman repeatedly in the head and holds her while others rain blows across her head and back. 

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