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June 28, 2020

DAILYKENN.com -- A special needs woman with the mind of a toddler was brutally raped moments after wandering outside a hotel. 

Identified only as Courtney, the 25-year-old was visiting Mobile, Alabama during Mardi Gras in 2017 with her parents. 

Her parents left her with a caregiver. 

At 5:33 a.m. Courtney is seen in security video slowing walking through the lobby door. Moments later she was raped and sodomized. 

Arrested from the crime is Cecil Jackson, a homeless male.

Excerpts from mynbc15.com ▼

NBC 15 News continues to investigate the sexual assault of a special needs woman in downtown Mobile, and the system that failed to protect her.

We showed you video we obtained of the moments the mentally disabled woman wanders outside. She's viciously attacked minutes later. NBC 15's Andrea Ramey investigates why her caretakers are nowhere to be found and the apparent three hour gap in supervision the morning of her rape.

She's cold, alone, and in her pajamas with just one sock. Courtney, who is 25 years old yet with the mental capacity of a toddler, inches her way out the door and on to the streets of downtown Mobile. Minutes later she's raped and sodomized, police say, by a homeless man, Cecil Jackson. Courtney's dad believes her attacker can be seen in the surveillance video sitting on the steps, feet away from Courtney as she walks out.

"She's been almost non-verbal since the assault. She suffers from really bad bouts of PTSD," said Courtney's father Steve Hickman.

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