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June 16, 2020

DAILYKENN.com -- Wait a minute! 

Isn't this typical of the hate crimes the Klan is accused of committing? White thugs terrorizing innocent blacks without provocation for sport (and hatred)?

Finding evidence of unprovoked white-on-black attacks can  be daunting. There are few of them. 

However, black-on-white violence is the norm -- and has been for generations. 

What do you think?

• Why is the media hiding black-on-white violence? 

• Have you ever seen black-on-white violence? Have you ever been a victim of black-on-white violence? 

From praag.org ▼

A video is currently going viral on the internet, showing three blacks approaching a white woman with a baby on her lap. Initially they ask her to put down the baby but when she fails to react, they simply start assaulting her. The video has been removed from some social media for “violating community standards”. It seems that real-life episodes of the current violence perpetrated all over the world by groups who deem themselves to be victims “violate community standards”.

* What do you think?

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