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June 22, 2020

DAILYKENN.com -- Say his name. Joshua Chellew.

Chellew stopped to purchase gasoline at Chevron gas station in Cobb County, Georgia. 

He was accosted by four young males and savagely beaten. 

According to investigators, he was punched and kicked. 

...Chellew didn’t stand a chance,” Jesse Evans, deputy chief assistant district attorney, said in a statement. “It was them against one. He was unarmed."

This was a relentless assault,” Evans added. They used their hands and feet to assault him. The defendants just beat him down. Mr. Chellew didn’t do anything to deserve this beating.”

The attack occurred July 11, 2013, the year after the death of Trayvon Martin. 

Unlike Martin, there is no evidence that Chellew assaulted his attackers. Some say he was attacked because he carried a blue cloth which, according to the dindu-nuffin defense, signaled a rival gang, the Crips. 

Even if the attackers were low-intelligence individuals, they would have known that a 36-year-old white man in Georgia was not a member of a Los Angeles-based gang.

(Individuals who commit high-risk crimes — such as beating a man for sport in full view of security cameras — may have low IQs, low impulse control, and low executive function.)

The attackers were documented members of the street gang Re-Up, reports say. 

Badly beaten, Chellew tried to escape. He stumbled backwards into traffic as his attacker pursued. They knocked him to the pavement where he lay incapacitated. He was struck by a vehicle and died from his injuries. 

Three of the four males charged with his murder were convicted. 

They are Johnathan Donald Anthony, Antonio Shantwan Pass, and Jekari Oshay Strozier.

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