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June 3, 2020

Image attribution: Facebook via csinewsnow.com

DAILYKENN.com -- A 29-year-old National Guard soldier was fatally shot while serving his community as a police officer. 

Reports say 1st Lt. Cody Holte was shot dead while attempting to serve eviction papers to 41-year-old Salamah Q. Pendleton, reports say. 

Four were shot during the incident, including another officer who was wounded and a 61-year-old woman at the apartment who died from her injuries. The suspect was also injured.

The incident occurred in Grand Forks, North Dakota. "The population of Grand Forks, ND is 84.5% White Alone, 3.65% Black or African American Alone, and 3.57% Hispanic or Latino," according to datausa.io. 

Holte leaves behind a wife and infant son. The slain officer was honored with a parade of about 50 first responders, according to csinewsnow.com.

UPDATE: Grand Forks Police Officer dies from gunshot wound ► 

According to armytimes.com ▼

 1st Lt. Cody Holte, 29, was killed during the shootout at a local apartment building while assisting two sheriff’s deputies after they were met with gunfire when they attempted to evict a tenant on a judge’s orders, according to local officials.

The suspect, 41-year-old Salamah Q. Pendleton, initiated the exchange with the sheriff’s deputies, said Grand Forks County Sheriff Andrew Schneider during a press conference Thursday afternoon.

“Uniformed deputies knocked and received no answer at the door. Deputies gained access to the apartment and observed Salamah Pendleton retreat to a bedroom,” said Schneider.

The deputies gave several commands to open the door, which were not answered. After opening the door themselves, they “were overtaken by heavy gunfire” and forced to retreat, according to Schneider.

 One deputy was wounded in the opening salvo before they called for assistance from other law enforcement in the area, prompting Holte and another police officer to respond.

When Holte and his partner arrived, more gunfire was exchanged in “multiple volleys” until Pendleton had received several wounds, said Grand Forks Police Chief Mark Nelson.

Medical aid was rendered to the wounded suspect and he was transported to a local hospital, Nelson added. A 61-year-old woman named Lola Moore, whose relationship to the suspect was not released, was killed in the exchange.

Holte had been with the police department for three years. He is survived by a wife and infant son. He also served concurrently in the Army Reserve and Army National Guard for about a decade.

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