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June 19, 2020

DAILYKENN.com -- Black-on-white violence transcends geography. 

This is made evidence by a viral video that was posted on social media. 

A group of eight black teenage girls are seen beating a lone white girl at the mass transit Southern Cross Station in Melbourne, Australia. 

The attackers were identified as Sudanese aliens


• According to fake historical narratives advanced by Hollywood, the news media, and the educational system, white-on-black racial violence is part of America's legacy. 

In reality, white people have consistently been the victims of black violence. The offenders typically have low intelligence, low impulse control, and low executive function. The nearly always attack in groups. They chose victims who cannot defend themselves. 

The advent of the Internet and the proliferation of video devices has allowed us to captured a small glimpse of the violence. Most such attack are never video recorded. If video recordings to manage to surface on the Internet, they are widely censored; particularly by major venues such as YouTube and Facebook.

Meanwhile, the world in the grips of negro-worship as the far-left mainstream media (FL-MSM) exploits the tragic death of career criminal George Floyd while in police custody. 

From rt.com ▼

 A hideous assault on a teenage girl in Melbourne sparked outrage, as footage of the stomach-churning attack spread across social media. The victim is reportedly too afraid to press charges against her assailants.

The 15-year-old was waiting for a train at Melbourne’s Southern Cross Station when she was ambushed by a group of around eight young people. Video of the attack shows the young white girl sitting on a bench as a group of black teens repeatedly punch and kick her head. The victim tries to block the blows with her hand, but never retaliates.

According to Avi Yemin:

I’ve spoken to the victim’s mother, and she says the worst part of it wasn’t even shared, moments later they dragged her daughter off the bench and stomped on her.

They hospitalised their victim who sustained numerous injuries, including broken ribs.

The terrified 16-yr-old is too scared to make a police statement in fear of retribution.

Police said they couldn’t open an investigation without a victim statement.

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