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June 16, 2020

Man assaulted by savages on Ocean City, MD boardwalk. See video below.

DAILYKENN.com -- Think America is going crazy? 

It isn't. 

This crap has been going on for generations.

The media emphasis on the death of career criminal George Floyd may have ignited riots, but the phenomenon of feral black males randomly assaulting white people for sport is nothing new. Even Abraham Lincoln, when 19, fought off seven black savages with the help of a friend, according to his autobiography. During my four-year tenure at a black high school fifty years ago, black-on-white assaults were the norm. 

Black savagery has been creating a problem in Ocean City, Maryland in recent years, turning the tourist town into a no-go zone. The intensity of the violence has attracted some media attention this week. The media, of course, refuses to address the racial aspect of the violence. 

Racial segregation existed for a reason. Rather than an expression of white racism, it was a measure to protect white people from black violence — such as that seen in the video below — and other crimes.

From delmarvanow.com ▼

Ocean City Police Chief Ross Buzzuro released a video Monday morning addressing the town's recent days of violent crime and unruly crowds.

"We are living through difficult times not just in Ocean City, but in communities throughout the nation," Buzzuro said. "June in particular has presented our town with the perfect storm of challenges."

OCPD will step up its patrols and putting more officers on the Boardwalk and throughout the town, Buzzuro said. Officers will be working to "strictly but professionally enforce the law."

The chief also commended his officers for their actions in the face of such a busy time for the department, Buzzuro said.

As of 2 p.m. Monday, OCPD had yet to confirmed specifics of incidents that occurred over the weekend, instead referring Delmarva Now to the chief's video release.

Ocean City Councilman Matt James wrote in a Facebook post that a change is needed.

"Something must be done now to stop these criminals from coming to Ocean City," James said. "Their behavior is unacceptable and unwanted."

James called on the Town Council and town officials to come up with a plan that ensures the violence stops.

Other members of the Ocean City Town Council had yet to issue public comments on the recent violence. Ocean City is scheduled to hold its regular council meeting Monday evening, however, the body has added a closed-session meeting to discuss "public security matters."

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