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June 13, 2020

DAILYKENN.com -- An autopsy revealed a homeless man died after being stabbed 13 times in the back. 

Dead is Clifford Breeden. Arrested is Jordan Knippling on second-degree murder charges. 

The crime occurred in Spokane, Washington. 

Reports say the suspect had earlier been arrested for attempted murder. He was accused of stabbing his roommate nine times, according to krem.com. Those charges were dropped. The second arrest came three weeks later. 

The suspect has a violent criminal history, according to kxly.com.

Police responded to a call on May 31, 2020 in which they encountered the suspect. He was accused of "yelling, cursing and waving a large piece of a tree limb at another man."

Police departed making no arrest. 

Ten minutes later they were called to the scene again where they found Breeden with stab wounds in his back. But, "This was not the man Knippling had been arguing with on the earlier call," ksly.com reported

Police found Knippling at a homeless camp with “visible blood staining on both hands that was not completely dry.”

Apparently, Knippling blamed the incident on "two white guys," explaining the blood was from cutting himself on a rock.

The suspect's violent criminal history was detailed by ksly.com:

Knippling had been arrested April 27th, 2019 for attacking nurses at Valley Hospital. Those charges were later dismissed. It was just over 10 days after that when Knippling was arrested for stabbing his housemate. He told 4 News Now in a jailhouse interview that he did it in self-defense.

“There is a lot of frustration within the law enforcement community,” Sheriff Knezovich said about those two arrests last year. “Because we arrest people, and this arrest was for two violent felonies, and the next day, they are on the street.”

Knippling was awaiting trial on the stabbing from last year and had been evaluated at Eastern State Hospital. In March, it was determined he was competent to stand trial and the case was moving forward. But, the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office says the victim and witness recanted their stories and the case was dismissed in early May.

Knippling also served prison time for other charges, including assault and animal cruelty.

He’s currently in the Spokane County Jail with his bond set at $1,000,000.

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