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May 31, 2020

DAILYKENN.com --George Floyd recorded a video message to young blacks. Here's what he had to say...

... Here's the transcript from YouTube:

just woke up man just some girl nigga

for self long lost a sir man our young
generation is clearly lost man clearly
lost man like like I don't know what to
say no mo man like you yo she's just
going around just bustin girls in crowds
he is getting killed you know and it's
clearly the generation after us man
that's so lost man you know man I came
into Houston in the nigga telling me
you're Florida young nigga truth man
right there because he could bust his
gun I mean I knew was crazy didn't make
of my age saying this Hill man no saying
it condoning this shit bro
no I'm saying and like half the young
nigga shooting them guns go home and
they knees shaking at night but then I
was short nobody because you know man
you tough did hey man come on home man
one day it's gonna be you and going you
going up or you're going down you know
I'm saying that's gonna be and anything
like this message spitting image
man fuck you right now my heart by and

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