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May 30, 2020

DAILYKENN.com -- It was an attempted carjacking, reports say. 

59-year-old Leslie Baker — a mother and successful marketing professional — was gunned down by a 16-year-old. 

The story repeats itself again and again: An individual who enhances our culture is terminated by an individual with minimal executive function including low impulse control and, likely, low intelligence. 

Reports say Baker was sitting in her car in her driveway when a teen fatally shot her. 

From dfw.cbslocal.com:

“It’s pretty sick to think that juveniles have just no remorse that they would just unload a gun into a 59-year-old innocent woman sitting in her car,” Candace Evans, a nearby homeowner, said.

It appears the teen was captured while committing another crime. 

Unlike other crimes were suspects are white and perceived victims are black, the media declined to profile the victim and suspects in this case. However, images reveal the suspect is black and his alleged victim is white. 

From dfw.cbslocal.com:

The 16-year-old charged with the murder of a Dallas public relations executive in her driveway was recently given probation for a string of violent crimes, sources tell CBS 11 News.

The unidentified juvenile was arrested Thursday for the attempted carjacking and shooting of Leslie Baker, 59, in front of her home earlier this week.

Police said the suspect and two others were arrested after a chase that ended with them being found a shed, along with the murder weapon. The 16-year-old was charged with capital murder.

According to police, the suspects and other juveniles were under surveillance for the alleged carjacking of a business owner in Richardson the night after Baker was killed.

Because juvenile criminal records aren’t easily made public, there were no further details released on the suspect’s past crimes.

However, sources tell CBS 11 News that the 16-year-old had committed several violent crimes before this recent murder and was only given probation.

Homicide detectives also believe Baker’s death was a random act.

“This crime happens all over the city it really does it happens in Oak Cliff, East Dallas, West Dallas and now it’s happening in North Dallas so these individuals they look to pray on people who are easy targets,” Dallas Police Association President Mike Mata said.

The suspect who is believed to be responsible for the murder had also posted photos on social media just days before with a handgun.

As for the other juveniles who were taken into custody with the 16-year-old, police have not yet said what charges, if any, will be brought against them.

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