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May 1, 2020

DAILYKENN.com -- A 21-year-old man was fatally shot following a car chase, reports say. 

According to police reports, Anthony Boelter was found "slumped over the driver’s seat of his yellow Volkswagen Beetle. The rear window had been shot out and bullets were lodged in his headrest and back fender. Boelter died at the scene." 

Arrested is Bobby Leroy Woody, 43, who police believe was driving the vehicle from which the fatal shots were fired. The shooter remains at large. 

Reports indicate that Boelter drove by a residence where his ex-girlfriend lived. A car chase ensued the culminated in a deadly drive-by shooting that took Boelter's life. 

The crime occurred in St. Paul, Minnesota and was reported April 30, 2020.  

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When they drove past that night, a dark SUV began tailing them from behind. Boelter veered down an alley to try and lose them, his friends said, but someone in the SUV plugged off several rounds as they turned on Cypress Street.

Investigators later recovered five spent .45 caliber casings from the area.

Authorities learned that Woody had spent the evening drinking at Boelter’s ex-girlfriend’s house and was sitting in his SUV when Boelter passed by. Woody, who was seen at the property with a large handgun in his pocket, got upset. Surveillance video showed another man running to hop in the passenger seat before Woody sped to chase Boelter down.

A witness saw muzzle flashes pop from the back passenger side of the SUV as it pulled alongside the VW Beetle. The suspects fled after seeing the witness.

On Tuesday, police searching Woody’s home found a Springfield .45 caliber handgun, charges say. He was arrested, but declined an interview with detectives. Woody has previous convictions for domestic assault, interfering with a police officer and intent to sell marijuana.

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