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May 8, 2020

DAILYKENN.com -- 42-year-old Damion Terrell Blue Campbell was charged with murder after an attack at a San Antonio, Texas barbershop. 

Reports say Campbell chocked his 20-year-old victim until she passed out, then stabbed her multiple times before leaving the business. 

Dead is Evan Sorrell Ford Oregan. She died at the scene of multiple stab wounds. Another victim was stabbed, but survived. A third person managed to escape. All were employees of the business.

A post on the Diesel Barbershop Facebook page said the attack appeared to be random and especially violent, according to news4sanantonio.com

According to mysanantonio.com ▼

Police said robbery didn't appear to be the motive. The barbershop ownership said "attempts were made to give the man whatever he wanted...cash, equipment, or whatever it took to get him out of the shop. The man made it clear he wasn't there for money." 

From news4sanantonio.com ▼

The barbershop states that Campbell came to the shop and found the front door locked. Three employees inside the shop were cleaning and taking customer appointments in preparation for Friday's reopening.

An employee let Campbell inside to make an appointment and gave staffers his name. He walked out to grab a form of payment, but returned with a backpack, a gun and a knife.

    "Attempts were made to give the man whatever he wantedcash, equipment, or whatever it took to get him out of the shop. The man made it clear that he wasn’t there for money. He then began asking the employees: “What have you done wrong? What have you done wrong? God sent me here to kill you because you have done something wrong! What have you done wrong?" over and over again while forcing them to the back of the shop," Shayne Brown, CEO of Diesel Barbershop states in the post.

An arrest affidavit states surveillance video shows Campbell forced the three employees into the back of the shop. At one point, Campbell placed one victim "in a choke hold until he renders [victim] unconscious."

Investigators say the two other employees ran out after Campbell turned to them, stabbing one of them several times. After the two employees escaped, Campbell turned his attention the unconscious employee and stabbed the employee to death.

Police were able to track him down because he had provided his name to the employees just before the attack. The arrest affidavit states Campbell's name was still displayed in a pop-up window on the shop's computer when they arrived.


The crime occurred in San Antonio, Texas.

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