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May 16, 2020

DAILYKENN.com -- A 15-year-old girl died after being shot in the head with a stolen gun, reports say

Charged for killing Arya Gray is her 17-year-old acquaintance, Thalys Oliveira. The suspect faces manslaughter charges. 

Reports say Oliveira was "playing around with a gun" while hanging out with friends, including the victim's sister who witnessed the shooting. 

The suspect is presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. 

According excerpts from miamiherald.com ▼

Oliveira, for now, is charged as a juvenile. A Miami-Dade prosecutor said in a juvenile court hearing on Wednesday that he would be charged as an adult.

But the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office said it was still reviewing the evidence and no decision had been made.

Oliveira’s age, however, could mean his case winds up in adult court. He turns 18 on May 27.

“In this particular case, the shooter is turning 18 in less than 2 weeks,” said Ed Griffith, a spokesman. “This is important since the juvenile justice system loses jurisdiction of a non-committed youth at the age of 19. This significantly limits the viable options in this particular case for having an appropriate outcome in the juvenile justice system.”

This week’s shooting happened at Oliveira’s apartment in Miami’s Shorecrest neighborhood. He, Arya, her sister and two others were hanging out at 2 a.m. Arya’s family said no adults were home at the time, and they believed he lived there on his own.

According to a Miami police arrest report, the three others said Oliveira was “recklessly brandishing” a black gun. Two of the friends asked him to put the gun away, which he did, police said.

But he later returned with the gun and “pointed the firearm at the victim” and fired one round, hitting Arya in the head, according to the report. He admitted to police he was “playing around” with the gun.

“It wasn’t an accident when he decided to go and purchased a gun,” said Baguer, Arya’s aunt. “What was the reason for that? What was so important that he needed a gun. He should have known not to have a gun.”

This week’s shooting was not Oliveira’s first arrest involving a gun.

In December, a North Miami cop was responding to the report of a shooting in which the suspect was described as a “Hispanic male with a backpack.” The officer ran across Oliveira walking on the street. Patting him down, Officer S. Norfleet “felt the imprint of a firearm in the defendant’s backpack,” a police report said.

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