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April 18, 2020

DAILYKENN.com -- 24-year-old Brett Ritchie was shot multiple times on Easter Sunday. 24-year-old Trevion R. Mark faces murder charges after the incident. 

Authorities don't know the motive of the shooting, reports say. The crime occurred in Washington Parish, Louisiana. 

Fortunately, an observer noted the license plate number of the truck used to flee the scene, reports say. 

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Easter Sunday afternoon, Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office Lieutenant Chris Hickman and deputy Chad Cassard responded to a report of gunshots in a rural area in southeast Washington Parish. Arriving on the scene, officers discovered the body of a young male lying on the edge of a gravel driveway near the roadway. It appeared that the male, later identified as 24 year old Brett Ritchie of Bogalusa, had been shot multiple times.

While conducting interviews in the area, officers were able to obtain a description of a vehicle with Texas license plates which drove away from the area shortly after the shots were fired. Sgt. Mike Thomas and Deputy Kyle Stogner discovered the described vehicle in the Enon area. The driver was detained and searched, at which time officers discovered illegal drugs on his person. Upon discovery of the drugs, officers arrested the driver.

Arrested was 24 year old Trevion R. Mark, a resident of Westvista Circle in Fort Worth, Texas. He was transported to the Washington Parish Jail charged with possession of the drugs. Meanwhile, Washington Parish detectives had begun an investigaton into the murder.

After several search warrants and interviews, detectives were able to put Trevion Mark at the crime scene with the victim. A warrant was then obtained from a 22nd Judicial District Court Judge to arrest Mark on an additional charge of 2nd degree murder. Mark remains in the Washington Parish Jail with his bond set at $805,000.

The investigation into the murder continues as detectives seek more details, including the motive which fueled the murder. 

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