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April 9, 2020

DAILYKENN.com -- A 46-year-old white man lost his life in March, 2020, after being allegedly shot by a black male. News reports said the death resulted from a barroom brawl.

Dead is Keith Hayes. Arrested for second degree murder was Damon Dewayne Lee, 42.  

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"It was some people out of town," he said, pointing at the bar — a dark brown wooden structure with multiple doors and windows along 268 Gatewood Road — from a corner of its gravel parking lot Wednesday morning. "I told him he needed to leave."

The man then followed him across the bar. It was shortly before 1:30 a.m. and Lee had just walked past the bar and was near the kitchen when a pool cue smashed into his head. The man then grabbed a beer bottle and slammed it into Lee and several others. That's when the man's three friends jumped in, Lee said, and a brawl broke out.

Shots soon rang out, Lee said, with a bullet hitting him and others. At some point, Lee added, more shots rang out. He is unsure how much time passed between the two rounds of gunfire. But he does know the man he blamed for starting the fight dropped to the floor next to the pool tables.

The Caswell County Sheriff's Office has since charged Damon Dewayne Lee, 42, of Danville, with second-degree murder in relation to the Lucky's shooting incident. He is being held in the Caswell County Detention Center without bond.

From godanriver.com ▼

Authorities have named the man shot to death early Wednesday following what some witnesses described as a brawl at Lucky’s bar just across the state line in Providence, North Carolina.

Keith Hayes, 41, of Danville, is the man who died at the bar, located at 248 Gatewood Road, according to the Caswell County, North Carolina, Sheriff’s Office.

Arrested shortly after the incident was Damon Dewayne Lee, 42, of Danville, the sheriff’s office reports. He is being held at the Caswell County Detention Center without bond.

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