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April 16, 2020

DAILYKENN.com -- Christopher Duane Stewart was “found brutally murdered” in March, 2020 reports say. The 23-year-old University of North Carolina Wilmington student recently returned from duty in Afghanistan. 

People.com reports the victim was shot. 

Raymond Brooks, 33, and Myasia Morange, 18, have been arrested. A third man is being sought by authorities. 

The victim was white. The suspects are black. 

Take aways...

• The crime occurred at a park in Rocky Point, North Carolina. Apparently, it is more dangerous to jog in a park in North Carolina than to serve the US Army in Afghanistan.

• This is due to black crime that permeates most black-majority communities. (Not all blacks are violent criminals, just as not all whites are responsible for slavery. But the preponderance of violent crime in America seems to exist in black-majority areas.)

• Sometimes diversity is not a strength. Sometimes highly intelligent people with much to offer humanity are snuffed out by low-intelligent individuals with low impulse control and a propensity for violence. It may be that a diverse community in which intelligent people live alongside idiots with a propensity for unrestrained criminal violence is not a strength, but a weakness.

From portcitydaily.com ▼

On Tuesday, Raymond Brooks, 33, and Myasia Morange, 18, were arrested for the murder of UNCW student Christopher Duane Stewart, who was found dead late last month at a park in Rocky Point.

Stewart’s body was discovered on the Friday morning of March 27 at Millers Pond Park, according to the Pender County Sheriff’s Office. Stewart was a junior at the University of North Carolina of Wilmington before his death.

Moragne and Brooks were arrested at their homes in Council, an unincorporated community in southern Bladen County, approximately 30 miles northwest of Wilmington.

Both are being held at the Pender County Jail in Burgaw under no bond and each are charged with first degree murder, robbery with a dangerous weapon, and conspiracy to commit armed robbery with a dangerous weapon.

Sheriff Alan Cutler will provide more information at a Wednesday morning press conference following their first appearances.

According to WECT, Stewart, who served in the Army in Afghanistan before he was accepted at UNCW, was “found brutally murdered.”

“He was either overtaken, or was with somebody he trusted and let his guard down,” Patricia Walker, Stewart’s aunt who saw her nephew’s body days after his death, told WECT.

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