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April 28, 2020

DAILYKENN.com --Today she would have been about 60 years old. 

Robin Gisela Brooks was sexually assaulted and stabbed to death. 

That was April 24, 1980. 

She was only 20 years old at the time.

Arrested 40 year after the crime is Phillip Lee Wilson, 71.

Wilson remains innocent until proven guilty. 

"The killer apparently cut himself during the assault," according to sacbee.com.

He left his DNA profile. 

Brooks was killed in her Rosemont, California apartment. 

She was found by a co-worker after she failed to report to work. 

The co-worker found Brooks face down on her water bed.   

The victim worked at a doughnut shop to make ends meet. 

She met her end when a killer entered her apartment.

"In 1980, there were no immediate suspects at the time of her death, and the case went cold," the report said. 

The arrest was possible due to advancement in DNA profiling. 

What do you think? Why does the 'me too' movement not seem to care about this horrific rape and murder?  

Read more here: sacbee.com ►

     “That first ray of hope came in 2004 when forensic DNA evidence was developed 25 years after the crime had been committed,” said Schubert. “That ray of hope came when our crime lab was able to develop a DNA profile from the person who left DNA behind from the rape murder of Robin Brooks.”

    The killer apparently cut himself during the assault and his DNA profile was uploaded to the Combined DNA Index System database.

    Investigators continued to pursue the case and in 2016 asked for the public’s help again in solving it. Some investigators, such as Sergeant Micki Links, continued to investigate well after retirement.

    In the last three years, law enforcement was able to use what Schubert called the “greatest tool ever given to law enforcement:” investigative genetic genealogy.

    The technique is similar to that used in another cold case that led to the arrest of Joseph James DeAngelo, who is awaiting trial in the Golden State Killer/East Area Rapist cases that occurred over a decade across the state.

    “I have been involved in this investigation for 16 years,” Links said. “... I’ve dreamed of this day to actually stand up here and say we’ve arrested the man responsible for this crime.”

    At the time of his arrest, Wilson was living in the Hagginwood section of North Sacramento, according to public records.

    Wilson faced assault-and-battery charges in Sacramento County in 1985, but court records don’t indicate what happened to the case.

    He also had run-ins with law enforcement in Texas, with a one-year sentence for possession of marijuana in El Paso County in 1994. He was released in January 1995 and had a subsequent probation violation in 1999.

    “We never forget about the victims,” said Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones. “In fact in many respects, that’s all we think about are victims. Sometimes these cases take a little bit longer to solve than others, but none of them are forgotten, none of them are put on the shelf forever.”

    In a video at the press conference, Brooks’ sister Maria said today is a “bittersweet anniversary.”

    “This arrest hopefully will give hope to families, other victims of unsolved crimes,” she said. “...I know Robin is smiling and saying job well done.”

* What do you think?

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