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April 27, 2020

DAILYKENN.com --A 17-year-old boy was fatally shot in Charlotte, North Carolina earlier this year. 

Two arrests have been made. Both suspects are black. The victim, Logan Allen Stacks, 17, was white. 

Arrested are Arthur Jeremiah Fisher III, 19, and Akime Lee Truesdale, 18. 

Stacks' body was found by police on a gravel road. Authorities later found the victim's car in a ditch at a different location. 

Reports say one of the suspects was driving the victim's car with Stacks and the other suspect as passengers. The three got out of the car and Stacks was shot. The suspects fled in the vehicle, ditched it, and found a ride to their homes.


• The media uses guided imagery to draw out attention away from racial violence. Guided imagery is a common thought reform technique used by cults to control the minds of their victims. 

It is also used by Hollywood and Madison Avenue. 

Guided imagery: A Gillette razor commercial portrayed white men as sexist, racist, and in need of being subdued
even though 52 percent of homicides and a preponderance of rapes are committed by black males,
according to FBI statistics.The guided imagery contrasts with the reality as seen in the death of Logan Allen Stacks.

Those who would otherwise be perceived as violent criminals are portrayed in television programs, commercials, and cinema in normal and often heroic roles. The real imagery is simply ignored creating a void that is filled with fake, guided imagery that creates a false perception of reality. The outcome is a distorted worldview.

For example, compare the guided fake imagery created by a recent Gillette razor commercial with the reality of the above news story. Who are the aggressors in the Gillette commercial? Who are the aggressors in the news story? 

What do you think? 

Has your mind been influenced by guided imagery from Hollywood and Madison Avenue?

When watching commercials, television programming, and movies, are you consciously aware of the guided imagery as it distorts your world view?

Excerpt from wsoctv.com ▼

They were traveling in a 2001 Saturn sedan owned by Stacks’ father.

At about sunrise, Fisher drove the Saturn with Stacks and Truesdale as passengers onto Kirk Air Base Road.

Fisher stopped the car and the three got out.

Fisher fired a handgun killing Stacks, whose body was left on the side of the road.

Authorities said Fisher drove the Saturn toward Kershaw until it had mechanical problems and that’s when he drove the car into a ditch off the southbound lane of Kershaw-Camden Highway, north of Landmark Pentecostal Holiness Church.

Truesdale removed the car key, investigators said Friday in a news release.

After that, Fisher and Truesdale fled on foot before they caught a ride back to Lancaster that afternoon.

Authorities found Fisher at his home Sunday afternoon and he was taken into custody. On Tuesday, investigators caught up with Truesdale at his home.

Both are in the Lancaster County Detention Center.

* What do you think?

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