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March 26, 2020 --About half of all mosques in Britain have refused to close, according to Britain First. The government issued a social distancing directive to deter the spread of the China Virus.

Muslim communities ofttimes presume they are above civil law when it conflicts with Islamic law. Believing laws are for others is a trait of narcissism. It also demonstrates Islamic supremacy; believing the Islam and Muslims are above all others.

Britain First is a patriotic organization that is often stigmatized by globalists as far-right and extremist. 

From Britain First ▼

Addressed to: Priti Patel, Home Secretary, and Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister:

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, it has become a matter of national security that every single one of us should stay at home and practice social distancing to slow the transmission of the virus.

These rules especially apply to religious congregations, which have been found to be 'super-spreaders' when it comes to accelerating the transmission of the coronavirus in countries such as Iran, Malaysia and South Korea.

Despite strict government instructions, almost half of the mosques across the UK have refused to shut their doors or to forbid congregations from praying in acts of collective worship.

It must be made clear to those in charge of mosques that religious requirements - such as the necessity of Muslims to pray shoulder-to-shoulder - must be subordinated to national security requirements during this time of unprecedented crisis.

We, the undersigned, demand that the government take action and permanently close any mosque found to be in breach of these national security requirements:

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