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59-year-old woman gunned down in her driveway
• 16-year-old arrested
• Suspect had violent criminal history • Was released on probabation

March 26, 2020 -- London, England is overrun by Islamic aliens. That overflow is testing the region's capacity to care for China virus victims. Reports say London's hospitals will reach maximum capacity within days.

Other European regions are facing similar crises. Italy, a landing location for Islamic invaders posing as refugees, is finding the pandemic so invasive that the nation may shutter all its industry. It will be the first nation to do so. 

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Hospitals in London are at risk of hitting capacity within days amid a "continuous tsunami" of patients, a senior health service figure has warned.

Chris Hopson, chief executive of NHS Providers, said hospital were facing a "wicked combination" of increased demand and "unprecedented" staff sickness rates , adding: "It's evident that a number of hospitals are on a trajectory where their critical care capacity will become full within a few days."

It comes as a national display of thanks is set to take place this evening, when residents across the country will join in with a mass round of applause  to commend NHS staff and carers working during the coronavirus outbreak.

The "clap for our carers"  campaign comes as UK Chancellor Rishi Sunkak is set to unveil a financial package aimed at helping self-employed workers  during the coronavirus crisis, amid growing pressure to throw the sector a lifeline.

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