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Restaurant owner shot dead
Arrest made
Says he didn't do it

March 26, 2020 -- Far-left extremists have been joined by a Republican House candidate to oppose the sale of a castle in West Virginia. The alliance wants to prohibit the patriot group, VDare, from buying the property, it appears. 

The far-left has long pretended to advocate fair housing, demanding that neighborhoods be integrated. It seems, however, that red-lining is acceptable to leftists, providing the victims of discrimination are patriots. 

Among the out-of-state meddlers opposed to the sale is the discredited Southern Poverty Law Center

VDare opposes unrestrained, open border immigration. The far-left portends to support open border immigration. 'Everyone is welcome,' is their mantra. However, that philosophy is turned on its head when it comes to welcoming patriots to West Virginia. 

Antifa blocks elderly women from crossing a street in Canada. The same group is attempting to block patriots in WV.

In spite of unrelenting opposition, VDare announced, "We got the keys to the castle!"

Republican Candidate, SPLC and Left-Wing Extremists Plot Together Against New VDare Castle ►

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The anti-immigration think-tank VDare's purchase of a castle in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia last month was reported in local news without much commotion. The Southern Poverty Law Center, a local GOP Congressional candidate, and about a dozen left-wing extremists are trying to change that.

VDare, an organization once considered mainstream, has been under attack by powerful people over its advocacy for immigration control. For this reason, they have had trouble finding stable venues to hold academic conferences and appear to have acquired a new piece of private property to possibly change that.

Recently, Michael Edison Hayden, an anarchist with close ties to "antifa" paramilitary groups, went to the tourist hub to support the organized "opposition" to VDare and stake out their castle. 

According to the report, about 12 people, mostly left-wing activists, attended a meeting against VDare. There was one notable exception in the group, Matthew Hahn, a Republican House candidate for West Virginia's 2nd District, who attended to rub shoulders with communists and anarchists. What would Hahn's potential constituents think of him plotting with left-wing extremists and the SPLC to do God knows what to a building owned by an organization that shares most of the typical Trump supporter's cultural views?

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