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February 18, 2020

DAILYKENN.com -- Ever wonder why white people avoid black neighborhoods? It's not because they have a phobic aversion to dark skin. It because they have a rational aversion to the violence the permeates communities with large black populations. 

Not all black people are violent criminals, nor are all violent criminals black. But reality is what it is. And reality is, black neighborhoods tend to be extremely dangerous; particularly for white people. 

A case in point was the tourist from France. Reports say 27-year-old Gabriel Bascou was strolling through Harlem, New York when he was attacked from behind. The attack was describes as “gratuitous”. A more accurate adjective could be "racist." The suspect is black. The victim is white, according to photographs. 

• We are expected to suspend reality and lives in an imaginary cult-like delusion where white people are pathological racists and non-whites are their perennial victims. Sorry. I prefer to live in a real world, avoid black neighborhoods, and not get my throat slashed. 

• Had this been a white-on-black attack in a white neighborhood, would it be international news? 

From nypost.com ▼ Olivia Bensimon, Jacob Henry and Ruth Weissmann

Bascou and his girlfriend were walking out of an IHOP at about 11 a.m. when the stranger ran up and slashed him across the face with a knife, police said.

“I didn’t see anything coming, he didn’t steal anything from me,” Bascou wrote in an Instagram post. “Just a gratuitous blow of absolute violence.”

Medics rushed Bascou to Harlem Hospital, where he was given a tracheotomy and intubated.

“The man slit my throat,” he added. “I can’t talk right now.”

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