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He's 61 but looks 35
How does he do it?

February 16, 2020 -- Homosexuality is legal in Russia and is no longer considered a mental illness. Beyond that, however, only male-female relationships are recognized as legitimate.
******************* reports that Putin said, 'A marriage is a union of a man and woman.' He was reportedly addressing a Kremlin-appointed committee discussing new amendments to the Russian constitution.

Russian opinion of homosexuality seems to be negative; similar to that in the West prior to the 1970s when the gay rights movement began in earnest. Meanwhile, in Switzerland, voters agreed to penalize public "homophobia" which is expected to lead to an amendment to a nondiscrimination law that does not include lesbians, gay men and bisexual people as requiring protection.

That provides an interesting study on how the media manipulates the mindset of a culture's milieu. 

• What caused Western nations to change their minds about homosexuality in a single generation? 
How did the change come about? 
Who was behind the change? 
What does the change teach us about the malleability of cultural norms? 
If "they" can change our collective mind about homosexuality, how else can the change our minds? 
How else are they currently changing our minds? 
Is the change progressive or regressive?

* What do you think?

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