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"Feminist" vs street preacher
"Go the f*** home!"

February 14, 2020 -- A 15-year-old boy was allegedly assaulted in New Hampshire. The victim was apparently targeted because he wore a MAGA cap. The assault occurred at a polling station where voters were casting votes in New Hampshire's presidential primary. 

The suspect's shirt appears to depict
a boy being assaulted.

Reports say Patrick Bradley, 34, also assaulted two adults who came to his victim's aid. Bradley was accused of attempting to topple a tent set up by Trump backers and tossing Trump signs. 

It was not clearly stated what triggered the man, but we assume he doesn't approve of the president Donald Trump. 

Reports say Donald Trump, Jr. had visited the site earlier with Kimberly Guilfoyle and had met the victim, identified as Nate Campbell, prior to the assault. Trump, Jr. later phoned the victim. 

Leftists have a long history of venting through violence. Th 1968 Democratic Convention was marred by mobs of leftists rioting in Chicago. Numerous instances of patriots assaulted — and even killed — for expressing their support for the nation's president have been recorded. 

In recent days:

2020-02-12 - A man was punched in the face at his birthday party by a woman who thought his red cap was a MAGA hat. 

2020-02-08 - A man drove his van into a Trump campaign tent. 

2020-02-08 - A county Republican HQ was attacked for the sixth time in two years resulting in broken windows and damaged merchandise. 

• 2020-02-07 - College Republicans were traumatized when their table was vandalized by a passerby. Signs were ripped, obscenities shouted, a Betsy Ross flag was spat upon, and the students were physically engaged. 

2020-01-10 - A Trump supporter was fatally stabbed by an employee. tracks assaults against Trump backers and other patriots. 

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