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Jayda Fransen
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February 2, 2020 -- Jaime Mendoza-Chavez will likely not face charges for killing an 89-year-old citizen.

Sandy Bosch was on her way to daffodils when she was struck down by a hit-and-run driver. Mendoza-Chavez was arrested and confessed to driving the car that rammed Bosch. He also confessed to drinking two beers prior to operating the vehicle. 

So when is the court date? Probably never. Chances are,
Mendoza-Chavez will be deported back to Mexico. 

Far-left Democrats was illegal aliens to have drivers licenses. But, unlike legal citizens, they have the privilege of potentially avoiding charges for committing some criminal acts. 

Imagine an American citizen accused of a hit-and-run homicide who struck a plea deal to be sent to Mexico instead of prison. 

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